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A human-led, AI-enhanced, data acquisition platform

  • AI-powered
  • Bypass CAPTCHAs
  • Team collaboration
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  • Easy data post-processing

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Definition the process of reliably and collaboratively collecting data off the web.
pline the data
Why pline?

Get the best of both worlds: Automation & Human-in-Loop

Thanks for choosing to use Grepsr’s browser extension. Loved by many, this proficient tool has served thousands of practitioners, leverage web data for their varied use cases.

We are glad to let you know that we are introducing a new data platform, and a novel data extraction tool for collecting, curating, and cataloging data, powered by AI.

Or in other words, a tool for plining the data.

What’s in store?

The Pline Ecosystem

Pline emerged as a distillation of more than a decade’s worth of innovation in data extraction. We’re rapidly developing Pline as a one-stop solution for collaborative data collection, curation, and cataloging. Watch this space!

Browser Extension

Utilize our intuitive point-and-click browser extension to collect data accurately and reliably, employing both pre-built and custom macros.

Data Platform

Access the data platform to enrich your datasets using various post-processing procedures.

AI Recommendation

Benefit from AI-powered data-processing recommendations and intelligent post-processing for high-quality data.

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