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A do-it-yourself free web scraping tool for your
on-the-go data extraction needs

Plans & Pricing

Data ingestion process

Data ingestion and integration like you've never seen before

Pull live website's data in seconds
Streamline extractions to match your timelines
Delivery integrations to automate your workflows
Web Scraping

Extract data from simple, well-structured websites with our browser extension's unique point-and-click functionality. Works seamlessly on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari browsers currently.

Plans & Pricing

Scrape any simple website on-the-go

Browser Extension

Free $0
    • 1,000 records per month
    • 500 records per run
    • 5 on-demand run per month
    • 3 reports per month
    • Monthly scheduling
    • Data delivery & alerts
    • API access
    • 30 days data retention
    • Email Support
Basic Plan $50 /mo
Billed monthly
    • 150,000 records per month
    • Unlimited records per run
    • 30 on-demand run per month
    • 60 reports per month
    • Daily scheduling
    • Data delivery & alerts
    • API access
    • 60 days data retention
    • Email Support
Advanced Plan $50 /mo
Billed monthly
    • 1,000,000 records per month
    • Unlimited records per run
    • 100 on-demand run per month
    • 200 reports per month
    • Daily scheduling
    • Data delivery & alerts
    • API access
    • 90 days data retention
    • Chat/Email Support

Browser Extension

Free $0
Basic Plan $50/mo
Billed quaterly
Advanced Plan $250/mo
Billed monthly
Records per month 1000 150,000 1,000,000
Records per run 500 Unlimited Unlimited
On-demand runs per month 5 30 100
Number of reports per month 3 60 200
Report scheduling Daily Daily Daily
Weekly Weekly Weekly
Monthly Monthly Monthly
Data delivery & alerts Yes Yes Yes
API access Yes Yes Yes
Data retention 30 days 60 days 90 days
User support Chat Chat Chat
Report scheduling Email Email Email

Concierge Service

Data as a Service

Not all websites are well-structured, and therefore easy to scrape. If our browser extension doesn't quite cut it for you, our Concierge service has you covered!

Contact us with your use-case, and we'll take over the data acquisition so you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

Just share your project specifications with us, and our expert team will get to work. We'll also deliver and integrate your data to any location or filesystem that is most convenient to you.

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Speed up your access to more, and better, web data. Plus, enjoy a wide range of features to make your life easier!


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