Data Delivery via Webhooks

Get notified as soon as your Grepsr data is ready

When you save a callback URL, Grepsr will automatically invoke a remote script as soon as extraction is complete to send a POST request to the URL with download links to your data as parameters (csv_urlxlsx_urlxml_urljson_urlyaml_url) with the request.

Here’s a brief video demo:


Data Delivery via Webhook

  1. Head over to your project on the Grepsr app, then Report > Data Delivery > Webhooks.
  2. On the input field, enter your webhook Callback URL.
  3. Under Delivery Options, select the applicable file formats, then Save.

Data Delivery

As soon as the crawl is complete and the files are exported in the specified formats, Grepsr sends a POST request to the webhook Callback URL with the download links as parameters.

Delivery Sample via Web Hook

Sample Delivery via Webhook

Sample Delivery via Webhook

Sample Payload:

json_url=<JSON download URL>&xlsx_url=<XLSX download URL>&xml_url=<XML download URL>&csv_url=<CSV download URL>&yaml_url=<YAML download URL>&project_id=<project ID>&report_id=<report ID>&project_name=<project name>&report_name=<report name>&total_records=48&run_started=2019-06-24T09%3A48%3A55&run_ended=2019-06-24T10%3A06%3A27&next_update=&run_duration=1049

Each of the “_url” parameter gives you the exact storage location of the corresponding file type.

Most of the payload parameters are self-explanatory. The other parameters are explained below:

  • total_records: The number of records extracted (rows) during the current crawl run.
  • run_started: The timestamp of when the current crawl run started. (Format: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss)
  • run_ended: The timestamp of when the current crawl run ended. (Format: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss)
  • next_update: If a schedule is added for the report run, this designates the timestamp of the next crawl run. (Format: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss)
  • run_duration: The total time taken for the latest crawl run to complete (in seconds).

Note: In case your report has multiple datasheets, the files are saved in a zip package which you’ll need to unzip/extract manually.

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