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Monitor MAP Compliance with Grepsr


What is MAP?

Minimum Advertised Price or MAP is the lowest price that a retailer can display for a product for sale, and is set by the product’s manufacturer and pre-agreed with retailers. While retailers are free to sell products at lower prices in-store, they’re not allowed to offer the same product at reduced rates when listing them online or on advertisements.

Key to Brand Perception

Price is almost always the deciding factor for consumers. So when retailers disregard MAP and sell your products at varied prices, it adversely affects your brand’s public perception. As soon as one of your retailers lists your product below MAP, online shoppers start expecting lower prices everywhere. Then when they don’t find the same reduced prices, it’s not the retailers that they’ll lay the blame on. All the scrutiny will fall on your brand, and your brand value will take a massive hit.

While still a common practice, not all retailers ignore and violate MAP agreement just because they want to. Some may have run out of options and been forced to take this route to simply stay afloat in an increasingly competitive market.

Regardless, it’s important to monitor your retailers regularly. It’s your product and your brand on the firing line after all!

Grepsr — Your MAP Compliance Monitoring Solution

After getting retailers on board your MAP compliance agreement, the next crucial phase is to set up a sustainable MAP monitoring process. You could, of course, try to do this manually — visit hundreds of product URLs and compare each one — but it’s highly error-prone and time consuming. You’ll need an automated process to take care of this so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

This is where Grepsr is the perfect fit!

Grepsr monitors MAP in a similar way to how it monitors competitive pricing, i.e. once you provide your list of products and retailers to track for MAP compliance, Grepsr will search each product individually on each retailer’s website/online registry. Then it matches each one’s price and delivers a detailed report.

In addition, Grepsr’s scheduling feature allows you to configure this process to run automatically at specific customizable intervals — hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and so on.

Grepsr will also include timestamped screenshots of product pages as proof of MAP compliance or a lack thereof.

MAP compliance report
MAP compliance report

The chart above shows a hypothetical scenario for MAP compliance monitoring. Based on the table above, the blue bars are the MAPs for each watch model, while each adjacent bar is its listed price on different e-commerce platforms. Even at first glance, it’s clear which retailer is violating their MAP compliance agreement by marking the respective model below its MAP value.

MAP compliance agreement is one of the most efficient methods for manufacturers and brands to protect themselves from and prevent price violation.

Read how Grepsr monitors pricing here.

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