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Reviews Monitoring with Grepsr


Numeric and star-based ratings are great to look at, but they don’t really give you any other information about the product or service.

A dozen coffee shops in your area could be rated 4.5 out of 5, but it’s the textual reviews that really tell you which one could provide you the best experience in terms of hospitality, taste, ambiance, quality of service, and so on.

Similarly, when a new product is launched, you may want to monitor how it’s being received by users — which features they like or dislike, the issues they’re facing, suggested updates or changes, etc.

You could manually go through each of the hundreds of reviews for each business or product across multiple websites and decide which ones to your users seem to be liking, or what they’re saying about a competitor’s product or service, but such an approach isn’t worth the time and effort.

Grepsr regularly monitors and extracts reviews in travel & accommodation sites like, etc. and online retailers like AmazoneBayWalmartSearsTargetSam’s Club, etc. In addition, we also gather the company’s responses to those reviews.

This is done daily, weekly, or monthly based on the customer’s requirement, with reports on new reviews and responses delivered on a regular basis. These reports can also be customized to include customer feedback for particular time frames, only new ones since the last crawl run, and so on.

You can then analyze the reports for positive/negative feedback, or if you want a detailed analysis, you can count how often some keywords are repeated throughout a report to gauge users’ attitude towards businesses or products. A few keywords common to most reviews could be “good”, “happy”, “love”, “beautiful”, “satisfied”, “bad”, “hate”, “unhappy”, “unsatisfied”, etc.

While price may still be king among all product attributes, good reviews have the potential to persuade users to choose your product/service over a competitor’s. They might just be the defining factor to turn prospects into repeat customers.

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