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Power your business with the freshest web data — scraped, processed and delivered by diligent software engineers. Quality assured, every time.


What we do

We get the highest quality web data
for your organization

Save time and money – enterprise ready solutions

No more tedious software installations. Just share your project brief and we'll deliver on even your most challenging data needs. We’ve made web scraping easy — as it should be.

Web Scraping Service
Built-in quality control

Our team of accomplished data scientists use artificial intelligence and machine learning to conduct regular manual and automated checks to rectify quality lapses.

Web Scraping Service
Intuitive communication for effective project management

No more complicated troubleshooting methods. We’ve simplified communication with a Slack-like Support sidebar where you can raise tickets, discuss issues with us – all in real time.

Web Scraping Service
Automate your workflow

Queue up your crawling calendar ahead of time and schedule recurring scraping work to go live like clockwork.

Grepsr remembers to look for new and fresh data at the right time so you don't have to.

Web Scraping Service
Data at your fingertips

Grepsr integrates seamlessly with the data storage or document management tools that you're already using – Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Box, FTP & much more.

Web Scraping Service
We're here to help you every step of the way

Enjoy direct access to Grepsr experts and get priority, on-demand support for specific projects with guaranteed SLAs.

From setup to day-to-day maintenance of your data sources and filters – all taken care off on your behalf! We lose sleep so you don't have to.

"I have researched scraping solutions such as Mozenda and Connotate. The most cost-effective, accurate and rapid solution has clearly been Grepsr."
Web Scraping Service


An all-in-one platform — packed
with powerful features

Retail & Ecommerce Data

Monitor products and retailers to stay ahead of the competition.

Housing & Real Estate Data

Create effective marketing strategies with insightful housing data.

Jobs & Human Capital Data

Scale new heights by identifying top talents for your company.

Sales Leads

Convert fresh leads to regular clients.

Travel & Hospitality Data

Build better relations with the latest hotel and ticketing data.

Finance & Stock Market Data

Take the best investment decisions w/ up-to-date financial data.

Research & Journalism Data

Power your next news story, article or research project.

Social Media

Decide what's best based on trends amongst your followers.


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Top 5 Questions ( Frequently Asked Questions )

Do I need to install anything on to my computer to get my data via Grepsr?

No installations and no downloads. Get your high quality data delivered in almost any format. You could always access your data on demand just by logging into our platform.

How much data can I collect?

We have no hard limits, but for a non-enterprise plan, the typical limit is 50,000 per month. If you have a comprehensive crawl requirement which contains millions of records, contact us for a discounted bulk price.

How will I receive my data once it’s scraped?

An email will be sent to you as soon as the crawl run is complete and your file(s) is exported.
Alternatively, you can manually download your data in your prefered format from the Download tab.
Furthermore, you can set up automated data delivery to sync your Grepsr files to your preferred storage locations (Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Box, FTP) by authorizing the extractor with the respective filesystems on the Data Delivery tab. More information here.

What file formats is the data available in?

CSV, XLSX, JSON, XML and YAML. Users can customize the format(s) on the Data Delivery tab.

Can I invite my team to access the datasets?

Yes! Grepsr is an out-an-out team tool. You can always invite team members and collaborate on Grepsr, and also decide the degree of involvement you are comfortable with on a per-project basis.

  • If you only want them to access specific projects, just head over to the Team tab on the respective project page and invite them via email or share the Team Invite Link.
  • If you want to grant access to all projects, you can do so by visiting the Team page under your account (either via the Team link on the top menu or Your Name > Account > Team) and following the same steps as mentioned above.

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