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What our customers are saying

I have spent years in the search and data sector and have overseen the development of proprietary data extraction and search platforms. I have also researched SaaS solutions such as Mozenda and Connotate. The most cost-effective, accurate and rapid solution has clearly been Grepsr.

Bob Teree

Product Management Consulltant

Accuracy and rapid turn-around is critical in web data extraction -- what used to take us weeks to accomplish in-house, now takes only a few hours. Thanks to Grepsr's game-changing expertise and amazing support. They are such a pleasure to work with!

Joshua Tucker

Engineer, SharedVue

All I had to do was to tell them (Grepsr), what I needed by adding notes to pictures and off they go. It's as easy as that! I now have my very own personal data extractor at my fingertips. No more mysterious Xpaths and confusing regular expressions to deal with.

Paul Mumford

Director, Arts & Design

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