Effortlessly source data from the web with the simplest web scraping platform.

Grepsr helps you to move web data into your system without learning or configuring complicated tools, so you can focus on what matters most.

Fresh and clean data, for marketers to investors.

Your data extractors are built by experts. Scaled and managed by a powerful crawling platform.

Lead-Generation Data

Tell us where your ideal customers can be found (e.g., Crunchbase, Yelp) and we will collect the data you need to build targeted prospecting campaigns.

Pricing & Competitive Data

Get pricing, categories, inventory and other crucial information about your competitors you need to adjust your retail and product strategies.

Financial & Market Data

We help you to scour financial information, market trends and industry topics to pinpoint the companies you need to know or do business with.

Distribution Chain Monitoring

Understand what’s selling and what isn’t by tracking how your products are placed or promoted on your distributors' or retailers' websites.

News & Content Aggregation

Create your own news feeds or quickly add new sources to provide unique content by extracting and augmenting data from niche sources.

Power Your Application

We love working with developers and startups to power their applications and serve as a data backbone. Contact us!

What makes Grepsr different from other web scraping companies?

Effortlessly Simple

Create your next web scraping project in less than a minute using just a simple form. You can ditch installing, running and managing complex software tools and keep everyone’s focus on what really matters most.

Hassle-free maintenance

Website format got changed? No problem. We monitor and maintain your data scrapers, so you never need to worry about incomplete data. Issue tickets, upload files, view project status all from a single place.

Quicker Integration

Query datasets using our simple APIs and deploy data into your system in real-time. Or use our built-in third party tools such as Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive and other popular tools you already use for faster integration.

Plus all these features

Mark & Tag Information

Annotate the data you want to be extracted from webpages, screenshots or documents via one click file sharing tool.

Automated Workflows

Let Grepsr do the work for you by setting automated rules to extract, aggregate, organize and prioritize data as they come in.

Export Data in Any Format

Export the extracted information as CSV files, PDF documents, XML feeds or use our rest-APIs to send the data straight into your system.

Schedule Your Extraction

Schedule when you want to extract and get the latest information automatically using the crawl calendar.

Get Notified Instantly

Get extracted information emailed to you as soon as they come and keep tabs on your project activities.

Grepsr Add-Ons

Simplify your data extraction requirements with add-ons like Chrome, Firefox and Safari extensions.

What is Grepsr

It is a simple online web scraping platform designed to help business people extract value from the web and automate workflows without learning and configuring something complicated like Mozenda. With Grepsr, you’ll have flexible online forms to best fit your data requirements, schedule crawls with just a calendar, query datasets with single line of code, and if that’s too much - just drop us a message and we’ll take care of it for you.

Grepsr value-added data extraction platform also gives you easy-to-use browser based web scraping tool, built-in add-ons for project management, on-demand scaling and QA monitoring, real-time analytics, APIs and third party tools for data delivery. Hundreds of enterprises and small businesses are using our web scraping and crawling solutions for lead generation, price monitoring, market and competitive research, and content aggregation. Sign up for free today!

Grepsr is a simple web scraping platform that makes your life easier

1200+ business teams trust Grepsr to build and manage their day-to-day data extraction workflows

Define your work

With Grepsr, there's no need to install or configure complicated tools to get started. Just create your project using flexible online form and you are done.

We build your solution

Say goodbye to all that DIY software burden. Our experts build and maintain your projects with guaranteed SLAs, so that you don't have to.

Schedule & automate crawls

Schedule crawls to automate and look for new and fresh data at specific intervals using just a calendar or on-demand via our Report API.

See How Grepsr Works

Grepsr makes using web scraping software simple. Sign up free and create your project to get started today.