Access to web data made easy, at scale

Grepsr's managed web scraping solutions will get you all the web data you need. No complicated software to use, no tools to configure!

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Web Scraping Service Platform

How it works

Efficient and structured web scraping service for data-driven organizations that need it most


Initial Project Consultation

First, we'll discuss the specifics of your data needs and the KPIs you would like to have in order to ensure successful project execution.


Instrument Web Crawlers

We will then set up crawlers tailored to your specifications, and extract a sample dataset for you to examine before we move to a full scale crawl.


Begin Data Collection

Once you've approved the sample data, we will start scaling and performing the full run, and deliver the data in the agreed timeframe.


Hassle Free Maintenance

Our team will ensure that all subsequent runs are running well, and that your data is delivered as scheduled with the least disruption.

Offload your routine data extraction tasks with Grepsr Concierge

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We get fresh clean web data for your organization

Whether marketers, analysts, developers or data scientists, we work to get you data at any scale.

Why choose Grepsr?

Because other web scraping solutions are either too expensive, or way too complex

Web Scraping
Nothing to code or install — no drama!

We've made your access to web data as simple as it can, and should be. With Grepsr, you don't need to be a programmer or learn complicated tools. Just request, and we'll deliver!

Web Scraping
Built to suit. No problems of scale here!

If data drives your business decisions, you've come to the right place! Our quality datasets lay the foundations of success for some of the leading names across industries.

Web Scraping
Save time. Every time!

We value your time just as much as you do. From setup to delivery, we guarantee the quickest turnaround times in the industry, with the highest quality standards.

What makes Grepsr special?

One subscription can bring in a lot of benefits. Here’s how we do it

Easy Setup

Fill up a form and we’re ready to go!

Data Quality Dashboard

Your key data metrics (data quality score, records collected/missed, etc.) visualized to help you make the best decisions.

Support Inbox

Get on-demand troubleshooting support from Grepsr experts around the clock.

Schedule & Automate

Use the Scheduler to queue future crawls and never worry about routine scraping tasks again.

API Ready

View your data in your desired format. From spreadsheets to APIs, we’ve got you covered.

Platform Integration

Seamlessly sync data with tools you're already using — Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, and more.

We've been recognized by the top software review platforms as an industry leader in our category.

Data to make or break your business
Get high-priority web data for your business, when you want it.


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