Web Scraping Service Platform That's Effortless

We get it. You’'re tired of learning and configuring complicated tools. Plus, it’'s taking way more time to structure and make data useable.

Grepsr managed platform can help you with everything you need to capture, normalize and effortlessly bring data into your system.

Fresh and clean data, for marketers to investors.

Your data extractors are built by experts. Scaled and managed by a powerful crawling platform.

Lead-Generation Data

Tell us where your ideal customers can be found (e.g., Crunchbase, Yelp) and we will collect the data you need to build targeted prospecting campaigns.

Pricing & Competitive Data

Get pricing, categories, inventory, and other crucial information about your competitors you need to adjust your retail and product strategies.

Financial & Market Data

We help you to scour financial information, market trends and industry topics to pinpoint the companies you need to know or do business with.

Distribution Chain Monitoring

Understand what's selling and what isn't by tracking how your products are placed or promoted on your distributors' or retailers' websites.

News & Content Aggregation

Create your own news feeds or quickly add new sources to provide unique content by extracting and augmenting data from niche sources.

Power Your Application

We love working with developers and startups to power their applications and serve as a data backbone. Contact us!

Why choose Grepsr? Because other web scraping solutions are either too expensive or way too complex...

Choose Grepsr when in-house solutions aren't meeting your needs. When scraping tools like Import.io and Mozenda are complicated, or data extraction software like Kofax and Connotate are overkill.

Simple Interface

With Grepsr, all you see when you log in is a simple project form to submit your data scraping requirements. You can ditch installing, running and managing complex software tools and keep everyone's focus on what really matters most.

Built-in Support

No more going through training videos and guides or spending sleepless nights configuring mysterious Xpaths. Feel confident that there's always someone to monitor the health of your extractor, ensuring you complete and steady streams of data.

Intuitive Features

Enhance your Grepsr web scraping experience with easy-to-use features like the Scheduling Calendar, APIs and Chrome Extension, or choose from our valuable third party integrations to bring data into your system.


Kick-off scraping projects
without any IT burden

Save hours of time and get freedom from IT burden by offloading routine scraping work with Grepsr Concierge: data as a service. From custom crawler setup, data normalization, integration, to timely maintenance - all taken care off by Grepsr experts.

Grepsr Concierge is an ideal solution for difficult or large volume scraping tasks. For a streamlined approach to data sourcing and management, Grepsr also integrates with the top business tools you use everyday.


Transform websites into
APIs or spreadsheets

Directly from your Chrome browser, point-and-click the data element from the website you're viewing just like you navigate the web, and turn it into APIs in minutes. Grepsr for Chrome is a self-service tool ideal for simple and straightforward scraping jobs.

  • - Scraper up and running in minutes,
  • - Schedule recurring scrape with just a calendar
  • - Supports standard pagination, including load more and infinite scroll
  • - Export data in CSV, XLSX, RSS, JSON and more formats
  • - Get data behind a login
  • - APIs for all customization

Charles Hamilton - Director of Intl. Client Relations, PearsonVue

Grepsr allows us to efficiently find and assess the level of our program penetration (which are recognized and which are not) and how they're listed in over 5000 test centres websites. As a result of that, we've turned a loosely based business process into a sustainable one and reduced the overall turnaround time by 5X

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Everything you need

Grepsr gives you everything you need for data sourcing, normalization, integration, including useful tools to automate routine scraping work, helping you to get back to your business.

Third-party integrations

Bring data into your system by using our stripe-like APIs or use our pre-built data connectors that integrates with useful apps like Dropbox, Amazon S3, Box and the good 'ol FTP.

Reliable support

Our support team of engineers is there to help you every step of the way. From crawlers set-up, integrations, to monitoring your data streams so you can have better sleep.

Effortless web scraping is two minutes away

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