Written bySubratonApril 25, 2017

Hello, Grepsr friends and family, and welcome to the next chapter of Grepsr Blog!

It may not look much different yet, but we’re ramping up our editorial operation. Over the next few months you’ll see more posts, more announcements and analysis, more writing, and even new forms of content here.

We’re still hammering out all the details, but if any of the stuff we’ve built sounds interesting, you’ll especially like what we are going to do next. Grepsr has a history of doing more with less, prioritizing speed over perfection, and always be dust-kicking. It’s a key slice of the company’s DNA.

I’m still in charge of all things Marketing at Grepsr. In practice that means I’m responsible for our editorial work too, and have taken up the task to build and expand on our content marketing efforts.

To be clear, the Grepsr blog has full editorial independence. The editorial team will have the freedom to pursue and report on whatever it deems worthy.

What will the blog cover?

Latest stories and use cases of cool projects using web data and Grepsr for Chrome, big data trends, deep dives into our growth experiments, feature updates & announcements, and more.

The editorial team is currently just myself, but if you are a data-driven journalist who loves startups and big data, you can email me at: subrat@grepsr.com. Ideas, feedback, tips, or pitches for guest posts can also be shared via email.

Say hello. This is going to be fun.

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