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As online shopping becomes the norm, customers and brands alike need and use data to make smart purchases and sales, respectively.

Whether tracking price changes, scouting the consumer mindset and market, or monitoring your competitors, Grepsr helps you extract high volumes of product details from all kinds of ecommerce platforms. With powerful features like automated schedules and delivery integrations, the Grepsr platform ensures you always have the freshest datasets to make the best decisions.

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Buy Box Monitoring

Stats show that up to 90% of the purchases on Amazon happen through the Buy Box. This share could be even higher with mobile users considering the fact that the mobile UI has no space for ‘other sellers on Amazon.’ 

Crucial to winning the Buy Box is monitoring them. Your own Buy Box and that of your competitors. Grepsr’s large-scale data acquisition service enables you to monitor any number of Buy Boxes, at a frequency of your choosing by taking the hassle of examining the data points on Amazon off your shoulders.

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Measure and grow your Share of Voice

Calculating the Share of Voice on e-commerce websites enables you to figure out whose products are getting the maximum visibility, and consequently, which products are getting more sales. It usually starts by nailing down the keywords you want to rank for and tracking the brands and products that appear for them. 

At Grepsr, we classify the results on the SERP into organic and sponsored, helping you monitor keywords your competitors are bidding on, determining fluctuations in paid and organic SOV, and gaining insights on competitors’ campaign tactics.

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Price monitoring

The sale of your product is heavily dependent upon its price. Even more so when you are planning to retain your customers for a long time. With so much competition around, you must have a system in place that monitors the prices in real-time. Grepsr offers a unique price monitoring solution that allows you to form a future-proof strategy by proactively responding to changes in prices, promotions, and tactics.

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