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Advanced data management platform for the modern data team

Grepsr's data platform

  • A state-of-the-art data infrastructure for crawler execution, and data acquisition.
  • A data management platform that enables seamless collaboration between project teams, automates data extraction and delivery routines, and augments our capacity to deliver quality at scale.


Records processed per day


Web sources parsed per day


Data reliability


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Large scale data management platform

A modern-day data management platform that provides a single and secure visualization layer to automate your data acquisition and integration workflows, and monitor data quality on-the-fly.

Our advanced data infrastructure enables us to work around security controls so long as we can establish that the data can be sourced ethically and in compliance. Our infrastructure capabilities include:

  • Advanced IP rerouting to avoid bans
  • Auto throttling requests to minimize performance loss
  • Handle increasingly difficult CAPTCHAs
  • Support for dynamic content and JavaScript-based sites with lazy loading, infinite scrolling, pagination, etc.

Automate your data acquisition and integration workflows and monitor data quality on-the-fly.

Set up custom schedules for routine extractions to run like clockwork. Schedule your data crawlers using our intuitive scheduler to automate the data acquisition process with ease.

Support for multiple data formats and delivery destinations. Integration with popular platforms such as Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Azure, and more.

At the heart of the collaboration module are two key components – Messaging, and Teams.

Messaging is key to ensure that your crawlers are built per spec, and change requests and updates are promptly communicated and acted upon. Our technology platform comes with a dedicated and private communication channel so you and your team can stay on top of all new developments.

Add your team members to collaborate on your web data projects. Manage permission levels for individuals so you always have control over who has visibility and into what.

Quality reporting at your fingertips to keep a pulse on data quality. Scalable quality control processes using both technology and dedicated reviewers to ensure highest data quality, consistently.

  • Operational dashboards to track data quality
  • Set data validation rules to automatically detect anomalies in extracted data
  • Define quality thresholds using historical baselines
  • Automatically compare results against historical execution to check for anomalies

Quality data, at scale

Even if you are in the dark about the processes in data acquisition, look to us for technical consulting for your data requirements and workflow automation. Let us help you uncover insights that you're really after.


End-to-end data solution

Scale your data efforts with our end-to-end solution in data acquisition to thrive in a volatile marketplace.


Workflow automation

Our customers save hundreds of hours by automating crucial data extraction tasks that were previously performed manually.


In-depth expertise

Our experience in working with industry leaders helps shape your requirements better, and build processes to extract the data you need.