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Delegate your routine web scraping and data integration to diligent software engineers who oversee the detailed deliverables of your project.

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Web Scraping Service

We build it for you

How does Grepsr Concierge work?

If data fuels your business growth, Grepsr is the perfect data platform for you! Send us your project details, and we'll configure your requirements into a data extractor in less than 24 hours.

Why choose us

We understand how crucial data is to your success, and we know how to get it

Flexible Pricing

For any project request, we quote a fair rate after our engineers have analyzed the source websites for any restrictions and complexities. Every subscription plan includes access to features in our data extraction platform to help you automate crawl runs and delivery integrations, monitor data quality, and do much more.

Web Scraping
Web Scraping

Expertise Through Experience

We know how important data is to you. With more than ten years of experience behind us, our engineers are seasoned pros in delivering the most reliable and complete data despite the challenges and obstacles many websites place on our crawlers.

Easily Customized

Whatever your use-case, feel free to share your project specifications. Each of our data crawlers are built based on individual requests, and are therefore easily customizable if anything changes.

Web Scraping
Web Scraping

Compliant & Confidential

The crawlers we build and the data we extract are compliant with all current legislations pertaining to privacy and confidentiality — GDPR, HIPAA, etc. We also take all necessary precautions to comply with the target website's ToS, and not disrupt their performance.

Data to make or break your business
Get high-priority web data for your business, when you want it.
We're here to help you every step of the way

Enjoy direct access to Grepsr Data Platform experts and get priority, on-demand support for specific projects with guaranteed SLAs.

From setup to day-to-day maintenance of your data sources and filters — all taken care of on your behalf! We lose sleep so you don't have to.

"I have researched scraping solutions such as Mozenda and Connotate. The most cost-effective, accurate and rapid solution has clearly been Grepsr."
Web Scraping Service


One subscription offers an array of benefits!

Web Scraping Service
Data as a Service - Save time and money

Just send us your project specifications – source URLs, data fields, frequency and any other details – and our specialized team of data engineers will get to work immediately.

Stellar communication for effective project management

Reach our highly responsive team with our project-based Support portal. Raise tickets, discuss issues – all in real-time!

Web Scraping Service
Web Scraping Service
Automate your workflow

Set up custom schedules for routine extractions to run like clockwork. Grepsr remembers to look for new and fresh data at the right time, so you don't have to!

Built-in quality control

Grepsr uses AI and ML, alongside good old human ingenuity, to routinely check for and rectify any quality lapses.

Web Scraping Service
Web Scraping Service
Data at your fingertips

Grepsr integrates seamlessly with the data storage and document management tools you're already using – Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, FTP, and more.

Flexible pricing models that suit your enterprise needs

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