What is Grepsr?

Grepsr is the simplest web data extraction platform built for non-technical individuals and teams who are happy to pay a premium to have the data extracted, aggregated, and organized so they can focus on more important things.

How is Grepsr different from web scraping software?

When we set out to build Grepsr, we found that the web scraping software on the market was packed with overwhelming features and complex user-interface that would only make sense to technical users. To fill this vacuum, we built Grepsr with a minimal set of features that anyone can use, and we left out everything else.

We not only simplified the process of getting started with Grepsr, we also threw in managed services at no extra cost to make the whole extract-transform-load workflow a seamless process.

Today, all the grunt work happens behind the scene at Grepsr while our 1200+ customers make better decisions with the right data delivered to them, at the right moment.

Who uses Grepsr?

There are data intelligence companies that need to scale and plug Grepsr into their solution behind the scenes to extract, organize and monetize web data. There are large retailers and agencies that requires frequent competitive data, and are fed up with complicated web scraping software. There are small companies that have temps doing copy and paste stuff, that Grepsr can simply automate. It seems that almost every businesses has some piece of online data collection work that could be sent to Grepsr once they understand how it works.

What happens after I create a project?

Projects are used to store data and enable tools. When you create a project, Grepsr data analyst will review it and send you a fast set-up quote (see pricing). Once the set-up fee is paid, your data extractor will be created and the data collection process will commence. You will be notified both via email and in-app notifications regarding the change in your project status. To ensure you never miss an update from us, please use your work email while you create your free account.

What kind of data can I extract with Grepsr?

While you can use Grepsr to extract almost anything that is accessible from the web. We primarily deal with extracting B2B data such as stock prices, pricing and inventory, property data, location and business contact infos and more. You can also upload your documents and we can even extract from that too.

Do you offer support and maintenance?

Yes! The nature of data extraction is such that, you are not always in control of the data at the source. For example, if you are extracting stock prices from a particular website and the website changes its structure at some point, chances are your extraction set-up needs a re-visit. If you’re on a monthly or enterprise plan, we will take care of this and other such maintenance at no extra cost.

How can I access the extracted data?

You can easily view the data inside your project as reports in a tabular format. You can either download them as Excel/CSV formats, or use HTTP callbacks to send the extracted data into your BI tools or to applications you already use such as DropBox, Box, Tableau, Salesforce and other popular apps.

How safe is my data?

We use enterprise grade encryption, so you can be rest assured that your data is safe. You will have full control and access to your data, i.e. if you ever decide to leave, the data will be deleted from your account and our system. You can always export the data before you leave.

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