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Web Scraping API

Simply extract data from web pages within seconds with Grepsr API. Our robust infrastructure allows the web scraping APIs to be scaled easily to meet the high demands of users. Effortlessly navigate the data extraction landscape by using Grepsr API to automate your workflows.

Custom APIs

Grepsr’s customized scraper APIs cater to your specific data retrieval requests and parse formatted data from any targeted web page. Be it, Amazon’s product description or Indeed’s job postings, scrape the specific data points that suit your data needs.

Unlock the Power of Data with Grepsr's Custom APIs

Our custom APIs are exceptional thanks to the benefits they provide. These benefits make them stand out from the rest.


We provide endpoints that are tailored and allow you to fetch only the specific data you need, reducing the amount of unwanted information transferred.


Grepsr’s API can handle large volumes of requests and seamlessly scrape data from thousands of pages without overloading the servers.


It offers a consistent quality data extraction process and reduces the risk of errors caused due to dynamic website structure.


Our custom APIs include built-in validation mechanisms to ensure that the data being retrieved meets the criteria of unparalleled quality and accuracy.

Web Scraping API Use Cases

General Data Aggregation

Our scraper API can crawl any website, even those with CAPTCHAs, IP blocking, and anti-bot measures. Let us handle the heavy lifting for you so that you can focus on what truly matters.

Customer Reviews

Scrape customer reviews from review sites, and retrieve the data in a normalized format. Filter the raw data from the web and turn them into meaningful consumer insights.

Price & Product Information

Our e-commerce scraping API can extract product information like availability, price, description, category, and reviews. Use this data to gain a competitive edge in pricing strategy and beyond.

Job & Hiring Data

Grepsr API enables the scraping of public job data from companies like vacancies, types, number of hires, etc. With this data, you can track shifts in the job market and evaluate hiring strategies.


Sales Lead

Unlock a goldmine of leads with our web scraping API. Extract the contact information of high-quality leads that fit your target group from diverse channels and enhance the efforts of your sales team.


Real Estate Data

Our scraper API allows you to track property prices, assess accurate property value, gather a building’s retrofitting history, and make secure investments with real estate data.


Automotive Data

Leverage web data with our scraper API to take your brand to new heights. From gaining customer feedback insights to improving your next product launch to optimal allocation of existing vehicles.

Platform integration

Build RPA workflow

Enable seamless integration of our web scraping API service into Robotic Process Automation (RPA) workflows to automate data extraction and enhance operational efficiency.


Here's what our customers say about us


I worked with Grepsr to undertake a one-time extraction of data through web scraping for references made to keywords across four websites of Multilateral Development Banks. Grepsr scraped vast volumes of data over 65,000 PDF documents and provided final files of scraped data in the format I desired. This data scraped by Grepsr will have a profound impact on my research.

Shruti M. Postgraduate Researcher

Got what I needed at a fair price. Customer service was clear and helpful. Deliverables were problem-free and prompt.

Aniruddh P. CMO, Hospital & Health Care

I feel constantly updated about my request – Prompt replies by reps. The team is great and we appreciate the quick turnaround.

Priyanka V. Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Grepsr API service work?

After we get a request from the client, we build a custom endpoint, which responds with JSON data. Then, you can seamlessly integrate the API into your existing workflow or application and let the scraping begin.

What kinds of websites can Grepsr API scrape data from?

Grepsr API can scrape any public website that has public information. Such websites have anti-bot systems such as Captchas and IP blocks. However, our Custom APIs can easily bypass it for efficient data extraction.

What types of data can I extract using Grepsr API?

You can extract product information from e-commerce websites, data for lead generation, monitor competitors, extract seller details, job posting data, customer reviews, etc.

How is pricing determined for Grepsr's web scraping API services?

Our pricing is based on the customer’s requirements, added features, and customization. Visit our pricing page to learn more.