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A collection of articles, announcements and updates from Grepsr


Drive Success with Car Rental Data Extraction

Harness the potential of car rental data extraction with Grepsr. Gain an edge over competitors, streamline fleet management, and analyze[…]


The Web Scraping Dilemma: Cloud vs. Local Data Extraction

In the expansive world of web data, where information abounds, web scraping serves as a pivotal tool for extracting valuable[…]

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The Power of Web Scraping: Enriching POI Datasets

Discover how web scraping is revolutionizing the extraction and enrichment of POI data, ensuring accuracy and timeliness (more…)


Choosing the Right External Data Provider

Five things to consider before onboarding an external data provider. So, you've made the decision to move away from manual[…]


Customer Sentiment Analysis and the Role of Web Scraping

Learn how you can leverage web scraping in your customer sentiment analysis project. Numerous studies reveal a stark truth: a[…]


Unlocking Growth Opportunities: How Grepsr’s SERP Scraping Can Transform Your Business

Within the continuously shifting landscape of digital marketing, it's evident that progress requires more than mere strategic planning; instead, it[…]

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Harnessing POI Insights: The Web Scraping Advantage

Actionable insights from one of Grepsr's POI data projects (more…)


Beyond Words: How Scraping Google Images Enriches POI Data

Unveiling the power of visual context for immersive location and search experiences (more…)

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Extracting Data from Websites to Excel: Web Scraping to Excel

Web scraping and Excel go hand in hand. After extracting the data from the web, you can then organize this[…]