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Leading brands from all around the world rely on us to deliver high-quality data to meet grand objectives. We develop a state-of-the-art data acquisition and management platform, which caters almost exclusively to companies that are innovative and disruptive. As such, our team is a melting pot of specialists who think differently from a vast spectrum of disciplines. Come, join us, and find out for yourself if the sky is really the limit!

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At Grepsr, you’ll be part of an information obsessed culture full of people who are working on cutting edge technologies that empower decision-makers in every industry. In addition, we offer compensation in line with industry standards, lucrative benefits, and an atmosphere that nurtures and celebrates curiosity.

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Our Core Values

Grepsr is a team of young motivated leaders driven by growth, excellence, transparency, empathy, and innovation. We are driven by these simple values that we live by.


Be world-class

Grepsr is driven by the desire to be world-class at all things we do. While excellence should not be a hindrance in delivering, as a team we want to be world-class at what we do.

Drive solutions, not just action

We are a team of problem-solvers who take pride in understanding complex problems for our teams and clients to provide world-class solutions.

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Create symphonies, not just melodies

We are always focused on the big picture, and believe that with the right process and coordination we make the impossible possible.

Learn to grow - together

We empower ourselves by harnessing each other’s strengths and learnings to build leaders for the future. We focus on making sure that everyone around us grows professionally, and also as a human being.


Leave a mark

We work with our peers with empathy, and inspire growth. We communicate and execute in a manner that has a lasting impact on the team, clients, and beyond.

Keep it simple & realistic

We keep the way we do things simple to help us scale whatever we do efficiently and economically while delivering excellence.