Plans and Pricing

Join over 1200+ customers who uses Grepsr to collect and organize data better.
Managed data extraction at less than the price of DIY software.

Starter Plan

Starts from

/PER SITE 50K RECORDS + $50 per 50k extra
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • One-time Extraction
  • Delivery via Email
  • Output Formats includes XML, XLS, CSV and JSON formats.

Monthly Plan

Starts from

/PER SITE PLUS $50/mo per 50k records
  • Everything in Starter Plan, Plus:
  • Deep and Incremental Crawl
  • Deduplication and Normalization
  • Delivery via Amazon S3, FTP, GDrive, Dropbox and Box
  • Maintenance and Support

Enterprise Plan

Have a comprehensive and large-scale crawl requirement? Reach out for longer-term enterprise plans or volume discount pricing options.

  • Everything in Monthly Plan, Plus:
  • Advanced Filtering
  • API and Custom Integration
  • Custom Crawl Frequencies
  • Dedicated Account Management

What our customers are saying

I have spent years in the search and data sector and have overseen the development of proprietary data extraction and search platforms. I have researched SaaS scraping solutions such as Mozenda and Connotate. The most cost-effective, accurate and rapid solution has clearly been Grepsr.

Bob Teree

Product Management Consulltant

Accuracy and rapid turn-around is critical in web data extraction. What used to take us weeks to accomplish in-house, now takes only a few hours. Thanks to Grepsr's game-changing expertise and their amazing support!

Joshua Tucker

Engineer, SharedVue

All I had to do was to tell them (Grepsr), what I needed by adding notes to pictures and off they go. It's as easy as that! I now have my very own personal data extractor at my fingertips. No more mysterious Xpaths and confusing regular expressions to deal with.

Paul Mumford

Director, Arts & Design

Questions and Answers

What is Starter Plan?

Starter plan is our one-time data collection plan and is perfect for academics, researchers, early stage startups or any organization who has a one-time time request of less than 50K records. For one-time request above 50K records, please contact us for more details.

How much data can I collect?

We have no hard limits, but for a non-enterprise plan, the typical limit is 50,000 records per month. If you have a comprehensive crawl requirement which contain millions of records, contact us for a discounted bulk price.

How will you bill me?

For Starter and Monthly plan clients, all invoices are integrated with FastSpring which allows you to make easy credit card payments. For our enterprise clients, we simply send invoice and accept wire transfer too. Contact us for more details

Can I switch to the Monthly Plan at any time?

You bet! Simply contact us and we’ll move you to our Monthly plan.

What is a record?

A record is a row of data or unit of data uploaded to the system from a spreadsheet or via our API.

What support do I receive?

We offer email support for our Starter plan and email, chat, and phone support for Monthly plan clients. While our Enterprise clients receive dedicated account manager and data analysts to manage and verify their data.

6 business hours first response for all Monthly and Enterprise clients.

48 hours first response for Starter plan clients.

Alright, let's get started