Plans and Pricing

Join over 1200+ customers who use Grepsr to collect and organize data better.
Customized Setup of your data crawlers by experts at less than the price of a DIY software.

On Demand Starts $199/Site

How it works:

Similar to the "On Demand" model, but you get to do this on a recurring basis.

Key details:

Starts at $199 /Site
Includes 50k records, once

Ideal for one time or less frequent data extraction requirements. Typical turnaround time is 12-24 hours.

For every extraction that crosses 50k records, we quote a fair rate beforehand.


  • Web Platform Access
  • Data download as CSV, JSON or XLSX (Excel)
  • Data retention of 30 days
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Recurring Starts $129/Site

How it works:

We set everything up as per your requirement once & you download the data once it's done. All this for a simple setup fee!

Key details:

Starts at $999 /Month
Value & support worth thousands

Value AddIncludes "on demand" data extraction setup credits worth $1,499 each month.

Monthly service fee based on number of projects, extraction volume & frequency of extraction will be billed separately where applicable.

Access to Team Collaboration & Data Quality Assurance features, along with 1M credits to Grepsr for Chrome - a DIY browser-based plugin ideal for quick data extraction for simpler requirements.


  • Web Platform Access
  • Data download as CSV, JSON or XLSX (Excel)
  • Schedule data extraction daily/monthly/weekly
  • Data delivery via Email, FTP, Dropbox, Box & Google Drive
  • API access & data feeds
  • Data retention of 30 days
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Enterprise Starts $999/Month

How it works:

Ideal for larger teams and/or large scale data extraction requirements. We work directly with you & your team and make sure all data extraction requirements are fulfilled.

We manage everything from data extraction, scheduling, delivery, integration and go the extra mile to get integrated into your workflow so that getting data becomes a breeze for your team.

Key details:

Starts at $129 setup /Site
Plus $50/Month per 50k records

Ideal when you have one or more websites to extract data from & need data updated on a schedule.

For every extraction that crosses 50k records, we quote a fair rate beforehand.


  • On demand extraction setup credits worth $1,499
  • 1M credits to Grepsr for Chrome
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Web Platform Access
  • Team Collaboration
  • Data QA Dashboard
  • Data download as CSV, JSON, XLSX (Excel), or any custom format
  • Schedule data extraction daily/monthly/weekly
  • Data delivery via Email, FTP, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, or any custom system
  • API access & data feeds
  • Much longer data retention
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  • Have a comprehensive and large-scale crawl requirement?
  • Need data integrated into your BI tools or system?
  • Want to whitelabel our platform and technology?
  • Need a demo of how things work?
  • Have data compliance requirements?

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Questions and Answers

How does On Demand Plan work?

For every on demand request, we customize your data extraction process and set up crawlers to collect data from website(s) as per your requirement. We will make sure you get accurate and reliable data. This is Data as a Service (DaaS) made simple.

How much data can I collect?

We have no hard limits. But for a non-enterprise plan, the typical limit is 50,000 records per month. If you have a comprehensive crawl requirement which contains millions of records, contact us for a discounted bulk price.

What exactly counts as a record?

A record is a row of data collected by our processes. Think of it as a row in an Excel file.

What support do I receive?

We have customer support built into our platform! We offer email support for all our customers, and can even get on a call to discuss complicated requirements.

Enterprise customers will receive dedicated account managers and data analysts to manage and verify their data, along with prioritized support.

How does Recurring Plan work?

You can convert your On Demand request to recurring if you think you need the data on a schedule. This will ensure that you continue to get fresh data on a schedule you choose. Under this plan, we will maintain your crawlers and ensure you get regular access to fresh data.

How will you bill me?

For On Demand and Recurring plan customers, all invoices are integrated with FastSpring which allows you to make easy credit card payments. For our enterprise clients, we simply send invoices and accept wire transfers too. Contact us for more details

Can I switch from On Demand to Recurring?

Yes! In fact many customers do want data collected at recurring intervals. An initial On Demand request would help you understand the process and the data quality, before you make a monthly commitment with us!

Can I white label your platform and run everything on my infrastructure?

To avoid vendor lock-ins, bigger organizations sometimes prefer white labelling our platform and running everything in their own environment or infrastructure. We do provide this option for our services and technology. Please contact us if you are interested in white labelling and/or running our technology on your infrastructure.

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