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When Setting Up a Shop in a New Market, Speed is Key

Automobile Case Study

Disclaimer: It is only through the kind collaboration with the client that we’re able to share their success story. A key interest for them was to stay anonymous and not draw any attention towards them in this announcement, which we’re very keen to honor. So we have redacted all names and replaced them with “John” for the individual and “Company Corp.” for the company name.


One of our clients, an automobile behemoth, was seeking to expand business operations across new geographies.

To its credit, the manufacturer had facilities in North America, Europe and Asia for designing, manufacturing, distributing and marketing automobiles that were distributed in over 100 countries.


John, the project dealer manager for the firm, had a task at hand. The company was on the lookout for new auto dealers sprouting in new markets as well as data on their competitors’ expanding dealer network. He needed a data scraping tool that delivered fast, reliable results to build the company’s growth strategy on. Web crawling was not the only ask; they needed auto dealer details that matched specific criteria, such as being listed on other competitive websites in the geographies of their interest with a significant market share. In addition to the traditional scraping, the company also wanted this data to be presented and organised in a manner that helped the company make decisive decisions.


Enter Grepsr.

After sifting through a plethora of screen scraping applications, John decided on Grepsr, a service that didn’t just automate data scraping from websites to excel, it also automated each step of the process.

Grepsr was brought aboard as a value-added web extraction solution to do the heavy lifting of structuring the company’s competition data. Here’s what worked for them (we’re quoting John verbatim here):

We are quick

“One of the biggest compelling reasons that got me to choose Grepsr was that they reached me super fast and offered a super quick turnaround time of two-and-a-half hours which really proved instantly that they were the one we should partner with.”

We are trustworthy

“Most of the other vendors we reached out to were really frustrating to deal with as they asked us many questions about our business which was a complete waste of our time prior to us understanding if they were or not a capable partner. However, Grepsr understood our objective instantly, our data is fresher, and the frequency of the updates has been very easy and reliable.”

We are knowledgeable, really knowledgeable

“I have really appreciated the time the team at Grepsr have spent with us in maintaining the logic behind universal IDs, which we assign across the competitive websites, and I am not entirely sure if all the other vendors would have been able to do it at the same level as Grepsr.”

How did we fare

Our unique workflow automation capabilities reaped lasting rewards for the automobile company. The ease of functioning and the authenticity of data compelled our client to use our scraping services recurring monthly from what used to be an annual affair. Now the data they received was fresher and more relevant, and helped them function as a lean organisation taking effective measures to increase sales on the ground through sophisticated real time information on the dealer network.


Built on decades-long tradition of excellence, our client has been designing, manufacturing, distributing, and marketing automobiles. With manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe and Asia, the company has a total workforce of about 10,000 people. Their products are distributed in over 100 countries by about 5,000 dealers and distributors.


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