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Leveraging external data - from third-party sources - gives companies new insights to help drive efficiency and revenue. Businesses can identify risks and opportunities that would otherwise have missed, and also understand what impacts world events and consumer behaviors can have on their operations.

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Add new revenue streams

One way to leverage external data is to collect competitors’ data to analyze what products sell better than others. Brands can use this information to develop new products themselves and add new channels for revenue generation.

Reduce stock shrinkage

Data offers sellers the ability to track stock movement along with the person responsible. With warehouse staff more responsible and accountable, chances of any item going missing, miscounted, obsolete or damaged is drastically reduced.

Identify target personas

Using external data, analysts can build models to identify target personas that closely resemble the organization’s existing customers. Thanks to these “lookalike” profiles, companies are able to optimize their marketing strategies and reduce costs.

Add a new dimension to your decision-making

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