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Monitor the job market for significant trend shifts


Get fresh insights into the job market

As part of an unwritten rule, investors perform Job Postings Data analysis to determine the prospect of growth of a particular company. We provide Jobs Data feed at scale that includes various data points, such as the types of posted jobs, locations, income level, position and stock ticker symbol for public companies.

Leading job boards, such as Indeed and Glassdoor, have hundreds of thousands of job posting data on their sites at any given time. Such job postings are analyzed by investors to figure out the prospect for future growth. Even more so when job listings change to make room for additional talent rather than to replace existing ones.

Similarly, consulting firms use Job postings Data to keep track of the changes in the labor market and catch trends sooner than later. Jobs Data gives critical insights into many aspects of companies and even geographical locations.


Predict potential in budding companies


Customized Job Postings Data extraction from popular sources

Jobs data sources


Records processed per day


Web sources parsed per day


Data reliability

Get Job Postings Data from Grepsr

  • Real-time
  • Large-scale
  • Prompt setup
Job Name Hiring Company Job Posting Date Job Details Employment Time Experience Required (month) Education Required
Director, Program Management Gro Intelligence 08-25-2022 About Gro: Gro Intelligence is tackling two of th... Full-time 120 bachelor degree
Learning and Development Manager DFS Group Limited 08-25-2022 Job Description We are looking for a Learning and... Full-time 60 bachelor degree
Business Development Manager Securrency 08-07-2022 Peregrine Limited, an FSRA Cat 3C license holder, ... Full-time 72 bachelor degree
Data Scientist G42 08-24-2022 Are you a qualified and proficient Data Scientist ... Full-time 72 bachelor degree
Manager, Technical Project- (UAE National) Jobs via eFinancialCareers 09-02-2022 AIQ is a new joint venture company between ADNOC a... Full-time 60 bachelor degree
Data Integration Analyst Al Nahiya Group 09-08-2022 Scope of Work – Data Integration One year exten... Full-time 24 bachelor degree
Delivery Enterprise Architect Injazat 05-02-2022 ROLE PURPOSE Highly motivated Business and Soluti... Full-time 84 bachelor degree
Manager, Technical Project- (UAE National) ADNOC Group 08-29-2022 AIQ is a new joint venture company between ADNOC a... Full-time 60 bachelor degree
MIS Analyst ADIB - Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank 08-18-2022 Role: MIS Analyst Location: Abu Dhabi ROLE PURPO... Full-time 12 bachelor degree
Operational Risk Manager ADIB - Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank 08-24-2022 Role : Operational Risk Manager Location : Abu Dha... Full-time 120 bachelor degree
Scientist - Machine Learning G42 09-05-2022 As a Scientist – Machine Learning in our team, y... Full-time 60 bachelor degree
Senior Specialist, Internal Communications (UAE National) ADNOC Group 09-02-2022 JOB PURPOSE: Develop and deliver internal communi... Full-time 108 bachelor degree
Data Engineer G42 08-07-2022 G42 Healthcare is committed to developing a world-... Full-time 48 bachelor degree
Associate Director/ Director - Project Delivery Black & Grey HR 08-22-2022 Black & Grey HR is recruiting for one of the top -... Full-time 180 bachelor degree
Lead Embedded Engineer - Wireless Domain Digital14 08-02-2022 Job Description At Digital14, trust is at the hea... Full-time 120 bachelor degree
Data Modeler and Data Architect Al Nahiya Group 09-08-2022 Scope of Work – Data Modeler and Data Architect ... Full-time 48 bachelor degree
Sales Director T&T Farah Experiences LLC 09-08-2022 Job Description As a Sales Director of Tour & Tra... Full-time 120 bachelor degree
DATA ENGINEER - Dubai, UAE Cobblestone Energy 07-20-2022 Starting salary of 80,000 - 84,000 USD per annum... Full-time 36 bachelor degree
Data Analytics Expert – PowerBI Expert Halian 08-10-2022 Our client a UAE Public Organization based in Abu ... Full-time 84 bachelor degree

Learn how our dataset makes a difference

High-quality Jobs Data

Get superior Jobs Data feed from popular job boards, such as Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn Jobs. Automate your QA process to monitor and maintain data quality.

Customized quality alerts

Measure the quality of Jobs Data on your own terms. Select criteria for quality in terms of data completeness, accuracy, errors, and more.

Gather competitive intelligence

Derive crucial information about your competitors like their technology usage, strategic course, and future valuation with Job Postings Data.

Large jobs database

Get access to diverse job databases already compiled and machine-ready for downstream analysis.

Better sales prospecting

Increasing your chances of getting a conversion by understanding your prospects better. Job Postings Data helps you deduce the needs and wants of your future customer.

Track labor market trends

Receive updated Job Postings Data in time to monitor changes in the labor market and detect significant trends to tune your business strategy.


What is Job Postings Data?

Companies release vacancies for particular positions on the internet almost daily. Grepsr captures these job postings and assembles them in a neat database for your consumption and usage.

How is Job Postings Data used by investors?

Job Postings Data is considered a reliable metric by investors to gauge the future performance of a business. Generally, the addition of new vacancies is taken as a positive sign.

How does Job Postings Data help in competitive analysis?

Enterprises can gather Job Posting Data of their competitors from company websites or popular job boards, such as Indeed and Glassdoor, to predict performance. Comparing this data with other data types opens up hidden opportunities to perform highly effective competitive analysis. 

How to receive Job Postings Data?

Investors generally need huge amounts of Job Postings Data to get a better feel of the situation on the ground to make sound decisions. In other words, they need a near-constant data feed. Grepsr provides custom data solutions to businesses at scale to reinforce their decision-making. 

Can you ensure data quality in long concurring runs?

Yes, Grepsr has both manual and automated QA checks in place to monitor and maintain data quality during lengthy runs. Furthermore, the data platform allows you to set quality alerts on your own terms.


Here's what our customers say about us


We want to remain a leader in a highly competitive industry and hence one of our chief responsibilities is to provide clean and accurate data to our clients. It is very critical for our business to acquire data on time.

Khyati S. Engineering Manager, Retail

Got what I needed at a fair price. Customer service was clear and helpful. Deliverables were problem-free and prompt.

Aniruddh P. CMO, Hospital & Health Care

Customer service is second to none. Pricing is fantastic for SMB to enterprise. Truly enriching our datasets with otherwise unattainable data. Comparable costs to a previously highly manual set of processes.

Zach M. CIO, Alternative Medicine

Grepsr supplied us with test data needed for our automotive lease application. We were able to pass proof of concept with this information. Grepsr also maintained the data collection integrity well over the course of the project.

Richard K. Founder

The team at Grepsr were extremely accommodating to our needs and developed a bespoke report based on data that was relevant to our business. They were quick to respond, communicated throughout the process and delivered our purchase quickly. We are very happy with the service and would recommend it.

Charlotte L. Marketing, Media & Communication

Our data project, if we hadn’t automated through GREPSR would take weeks to complete each month. Working through GREPSR is as easy as it gets. The data comes to us neatly packaged and downloadable. We save hours and hours of work hours each month and can provide up-to-date information regularly for customers. We’ve enlisted their service for years.

G2 User in Retail Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

Grepsr is extremely flexible and ensures that we are able to get the data we want, when we want it — no matter how difficult it might be to obtain it. Their speed and the quality of their work has always been top notch. If we ever have a problem, or would like a new feature, Grepsr responds within a day and makes the extra effort to meet our needs. Grepsr is a great partner.

John C. VP Data Operations, Real Estate

Our business model requires us to refresh our data very frequently. Grepsr has been instrumental in making that possible. Their speed and the quality of their work has always been top notch. If we ever have a problem, or would like a new feature, Grepsr responds within a day and makes the extra effort to meet our needs.

Mike C. VP Data Operations

It is easy to use, you get data quickly and they can scrape lots of different types of data sources with lots of metadata attached.

Caroline S. Manager

I feel constantly updated about my request – Prompt replies by reps. The team is great and we appreciate the quick turnaround.

Priyanka V. Consultant

Had a positive experience working with their team. They were able to tailor some of the data templates and delivery for our business, at a small cost. Although it involved multiple iterations with some QC errors and back-and-forth, we were satisfied with the end results.

Allen K. Team Lead, Market Research

We routinely conduct detailed and sometimes obscure internet searches and crawls to support our top-end research studies. I have rarely come across a more responsive and professional organization. Grepsr does exactly what they say, faster than promised, and at excellent prices.

David R. CEO, Research

The efficiency is unparalleled. Grepsr gets me the data I need in record time. The support staff at Grepsr is great! Anytime there is an issue (which isn’t often), they’re always quick to respond.

Gayatri K. Analyst, Computer Software

Team was able to extract 500 pages of data within 48 hours that would’ve taken my team weeks to do. The concierge service was responsive and helpful. It was affordable.

Nick N. Cloud Chief Growth Officer, Internet

Overall, I have been extremely pleased with Grepsr’s product and service. The ease of use and customisations levels are excellent.

Prithvi D. Founder, Hospitality

Grepsr works well, reasonably priced. I used their custom build option and they’ve been sending me the data on a daily basis.

Tobias K. Co-Founder, Wholesale

After working with a competitor, Grepsr is by far the best value for concierge data mining. Their customer service and turnaround is stellar. They work with you to customize the data in the format you need. I have already recommended them to other businesses.

Lisa S. Founder, Consumer Services

The best part I like about them is that they have reasonable pricing, which has been amazing for us.

G2 User in Computer Software G2 User in Computer Software

I worked with Grepsr to undertake a one-time extraction of data through web scraping for references made to keywords across four websites of Multilateral Development Banks. Grepsr scraped vast volumes of data over 65,000 PDF documents and provided final files of scraped data in the format I desired. This data scraped by Grepsr will have a profound impact on my research.

Shruti M. Postgraduate Researcher

It has been a great service and product. We have found great value and continue to use them because of their delivery/quality, customer service, and timeliness. As a software business, we have clients that need their work as quickly as possible. The team at Grepsr always delivers.

Neil K. Director of Customer Success

The tech team is very responsive and the in-account messaging service is very convenient. Turnaround times are​ world-class! I would not hesitate to recommend their services.

Girish M. Industry: Research

Grepsr is the best value for money and accuracy of data. It’s like flipping on a light switch or answering the telephone. It just works!

Matt S. Computer Software

We’re glad to have Grepsr as a DCC Premium Partner. Datarade is seeing increased global demand for custom, quality-assured DaaS solutions – which Grepsr provides. Grepsr’s web data products are already being put to work by businesses from all industries and are supporting a range of commercial use cases. By joining DCC, Grepsr will tap into new data demand and increase its global sales reach.

Richard Hoffmann Co-Founder, Datarade

7+ years of excellent service!

I’ve worked with Grepsr since 2014 on over 20 projects of various complexities. Their service and quality are excellent. They are professional and dependable. I highly recommend them.

Verified G2 user Retail

Reliable and easy communication!

Our data project, if we hadn’t automated through GREPSR, would take weeks to complete each month. Working through GREPSR is as easy as it gets. The data comes to us neatly packaged and downloadable. We can reach the representatives easily when we need changes or assistance. The pricing is good.

Verified G2 user Ecommerce

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