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Step into your customer’s shoes with POI/Reviews Data

Gather reviews from thousands of users across the web and identify attributes, characteristics, and missing links in your own business. Get an edge over your competitors by monitoring customer reviews and actively shaping the future of your products.


Actionable data that offers brands wide-ranging benefits

Run effective competitive analysis

Streamline your customer experience model by analyzing POI/Reviews data. See where you can beat your competitors and build superior products.

Understand your customer’s sentiment

Review and Q&A data make great fodder for your algorithms to devour on when you are training the data for NLP, sentiment analysis, and AI. Access to structured, high-quality datasets provides a massive repository for analysis into the mind of your customer.

Manage problems before they turn into a crisis

Prevent unforeseen disasters before happening by tracking and monitoring your customers’ sentiments. Get insights into the performance of your products and nip any threats in the bud.

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