Monitor competitors and current products to make data-driven amendments to your own brand

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Identifying patterns and behaviors helps retailers make predictions regarding their products, demands and the factors contributing to change. Big data, and leveraging it to make smart predictions, helps brands and designers make informed decisions, and gain a competitive  edge on the market.

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Real-time access to customer sentiment

Brands use social media to gauge their followers’ responses to products and designs even before they hit the shelves. This direct access to customers’ thoughts gives brands valuable insights on the desirability and marketability of their products.

Remove the element of luck

Take guesswork and gut instinct out of the equation with big data. Data-driven predictive analysis reveals all variables that could potentially influence your product’s performance, and gives you a chance to control those factors.

Leverage freely available data

For small businesses who may not have access to enterprise-level resources, Google Trends and various governmental services offer free data so that they can do the predictive legwork themselves.

Bridge the gap between supply and demand

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