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You need to acquire a building permit before beginning any construction activity. Most cities issue such permits that include the retrofitting history of any building. These databases that possess those permits are mostly publicly accessible. With our help, you can access databases with billions of records quickly and put them to good use.

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By analyzing the historical data of buildings in a city, you can decide on the right materials needed to embark on a new housing project, whether you want to start from scratch or make an update.

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Retrofitting history data will enable you to make technological changes to existing buildings while simultaneously cutting down the capital expenditure.

Increase reliability

Some examples of retrofitting include-improving the existing building’s makeup with energy-efficient equipment, commissioning a seismic retrofit to make it more earthquake-resistant, or just updating the existing parts. Retrofitting is a smarter way to increase the reliability of a building at a significantly lower cost. Moreover, our data helps you discover those buildings that are in desperate need of it.

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