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As a logistics manager, you have to ensure that the containers find a safe passage on the sea, and to the front porch of your customer. Owing to the risks associated with maritime trade, you must monitor the containers in real-time. A data-driven approach guarantees that you have facts to make decisions on, and consequently, improve the overall standing of your company.

Learn how our datasets make a difference

Container tracking

By gathering real-time data from freight forwarders, carriers, ports, and various other service providers from the web, you can monitor the availability of cargo space. Saving you time and money in return.

Spot cost-cutting opportunities

Leveraging geolocation data in the here and now will enable you to predict the in-transit stock’s price and help you spot cost-cutting opportunities early on.

Charter the best ships

You  can source data from the web such as ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), vessel particulars, and vital market information to find out the best ship to transport your product.

Avoid blank sailings

By constantly monitoring the data pertaining to ships while on the move, you will get early signs of blank sailings. This will give you ample time to avoid blank sailings altogether.

Safeguard your cargo from the uncertainty of the Seas

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