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As one of the most competitive industries, real estate agencies and agents can gain a competitive edge by leveraging Big Data. Knowing what to look for, where to look, and how to build customer profiles can be the difference in turning prospects into clients.

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Finding leads

If you’re struggling to generate leads, or cannot afford lead generation services, census data or your local council’s websites can be great resources to scout prospects. The data is free, and it could help agents get acquainted with the local market and neighborhood

Targeted campaigns

With lead data now available, agents can focus their efforts on  creating cohorts and segments to create curated campaigns. These informed and targeted campaigns are highly effective, with the potential to achieve the best conversion rates and maximum sales.

Achieving the right mix

While data helps you gain insights and understand your prospects better, you still need the right skills to seal the deal and follow through with existing clients. Being active in the community helps agents build a good reputation, and generate even more leads.

Gain competitive edge by leveraging big data

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