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POI data refers to the factual information on real-world geographic locations which may be of interest, or specifically, useful, to companies or a common person. You can leverage POI data to form a data-driven strategy if your business relies heavily on geographic locations in any way.

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Know where your customers are

POI data lets you know where your customers are. This goes a long way in helping you frame the perfect regional adverts, bound to convert the unsuspecting passersby into a brand evangelist!

Determine real estate valuation

Before purchasing a plot of land or an apartment, buyers consider the location above everything else. The proximity to key town centers like the hospital, schools, police stations, etc., determine its price. POI data gets you all that without even having to visit the place.

Reach your customers at the right time

What’s more important than reaching out to your customer base is reaching out to them at the right place at the right time. You can use POI data to monitor the mobility of your target audience and develop your adverts accordingly.

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