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Big data empowers travel agents to know as much about a customer as possible. From accommodation searches to transactions, the travel industry generates massive volumes of data on a daily basis. These are extremely valuable resources for OTAs to create bespoke itineraries. Furthermore, as happy customers are your biggest assets, it is imperative that you leverage any and all available data to the fullest, and make sure their experiences are pleasurable.

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Improved customer experience

Every interaction with a customer – whether social media conversations, their reviews or general service usage – yields valuable data which can be leveraged towards a better experience. 

When used effectively, this information reveals a lot about a customer’s behavior and service usage, helping companies make better data-driven decisions to keep customers happy and wanting more.

Effective marketing efforts

Companies can gather insights into a prospect’s interaction with their website or platform in addition to purchases. With this intelligence in hand, their marketing strategies can be more targeted and optimized. This data-driven approach ensures your efforts yield better results, so you can maximize your ROI.

Unconventional approach to travel planning

Expanding datasets to also include reviews for sentiment analysis opens up an entirely new avenue for an even better service. Identifying keywords relating to satisfaction or a lack thereof, and assessing their frequencies for any airline, hotel or package in general allows you to promote the better ones, and improve upon or completely let go of the rest.

Get deep insights into your customer's minds before they book a room or buy a ticket

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