React swiftly to changes in your competitor’s product catalog

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A product catalog is a form of marketing collateral that lists necessary details to help customers make their purchase decisions. It includes information like product features, price, weight, color, etc. Our intuitive platform assists sellers on e-commerce websites keep an eye on their competitor's product catalogs.

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Monitor competitor’s pricing strategy

Get immediately informed when your sales price exceeds that of the competitor. Never let anyone undercut you.

Improve your product information

Analyze other product catalogs. See what’s working and what’s not. Respond to changes fast. If they have injected a new keyword into their description, and in turn, ranked higher, maybe you should do the same.

Find missing products

Web scraping lets you have a bird’s eye view of your product catalog. If you are missing a few products from it, your competitors’ catalog will offer enough variations to detect anomalies in your catalog.

Maintain an updated product catalog

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