Property price monitoring

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Monitor the real estate market throughout the country (or the world)

Similar to how price monitoring works for the retail industry, big data can be leveraged in real estate to monitor pricing fluctuations, so you’re able to make purchases when the price is right. Big data also gives investors insights on various factors - recessions, disasters, etc. - that impacts a property’s valuation.


Actionable data that offers brands wide-ranging benefits

Competitor price tracking

Get valuable information about a rival’s pricing strategy. Adjust prices based on what your competitors have set for a property with similar specifications, facilities and in similar neighborhoods.

Informed buying decisions

Data-backed action plans rarely fail to deliver. With pricing data at your disposal, it’s easier to know if a property’s valuation is a fair reflection of what it has to offer.

Identify trends

Data from over the years can inform yourself of pricing trends. Logically, it would seem that inflation and cost of building materials cause property prices to rise. That being said, national trends may not be reflected at state or city levels. Local housing data gives you a much clearer picture of local trends.

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