Written byAsmit JoshionJuly 19, 2019

As mentioned in our May update, we recently implemented Auth0 Single Sign-On (SSO) across the Grepsr platform. We have also integrated Google Sign-In to make signing up and signing in simpler, in addition to the regular sign up form option.

There’s recently been some confusions regarding the Google Sign-In option, which we’ve tried to address in this post.

When you first sign up via the “Sign up with Google” button, a Grepsr account is created with your name, email addresslanguage preference and profile picture from your Google profile. (Please note that we DON’T have access to any other information.)

For future sign-ins, you just need to click the “Sign in with Google” button (and select your Google account, if you have more than one). You will then be redirected to the Grepsr app automatically.

Most confusions arise when users try to sign in to Grepsr by typing in their Google email and password on the login screen. There’s no need for a password when you sign up via Google because Auth0 manages your account access and security. Passwords are only required for users who signed up by filling out the registration form.

Here at Grepsr, we’re always committed to provide the best service and make life easier for our users and their businesses. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re at contact@grepsr.com.

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