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What our customers are saying

My small business entails the collecting of data on a daily basis. Before coming across Grepsr this was a time consuming onerous task. Now I need do no more than simply open the file to access all my data requirements. It is a very cost effective means of obtaining data and the service provided is without doubt the best of any software company I have dealt with in my 25-years of experience.

Peter M.
Director, Sports

Grepsr is extremely flexible and ensures that we are able to get the data we want, when we want it — no matter how difficult it might be to obtain it. Their speed and the quality of their work has always been top notch. If we ever have a problem, or would like a new feature, Grepsr responds within a day and makes the extra effort to meet our needs. Grepsr is a great partner.

John C.
VP Data Operations, Real Estate

Grepsr allows us to efficiently find and assess the level of our program penetration (which are recognized and which are not) and how they're listed in over 5000 test centres websites. As a result of that, we've turned a loosely based business process into a sustainable one and reduced the overall turnaround time by 5X

Charles Hamilton
Director of Intl. Client Relations, PearsonVue

Super useful tool! Always delivers with great results. The efficiency is unparalleled. Grepsr gets me the data I need in record time. The support staff at Grepsr is always SO quick to respond that any issue I have (which isn't often) gets resolved in no time!

Gayatri K.
Data Analyst, Computer Software

I struggled a lot with DataMiner and still can't manage using it. Grepsr literally saved me. It's simply intuitive and easy to use. I had one page where data was taken not properly. After submitting information on to support they fixed that in one day. Such an amazing result even keeping in mind that I am not a paid customer. Thanks a lot!

Kyrylo K.
Global Sourcing Specialist

The team at Grepsr were extremely accommodating to our needs and developed a bespoke report based on data that was relevant to our business. They were quick to respond, communicated throughout the process and delivered our purchase quickly. We are very happy with the service and would recommend.

Charlotte L.
Marketing, Media & Communication

Prompt support delivered with incredible customer service. They were always responsive and addressed all questions. The customer representative also went the extra mile in helping us scope the relevant websites in order to have the most well organized output.

Genevieve L.
Associate, Management Consulting

Great customer support when it's needed. They are fast to reply, and fast to fix any problem we have had with design changes on a website we are scraping from. Their personal approach is what made me choose their service.

Bergur E.
Business Owner, Furniture
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