Disclaimer: It is only through the kind collaboration with our client we were able to share their success story, and a key interest for them was to stay anonymous and not to draw any attention to them in this announcement, which we are very keen to honor. So we have redacted all names and replaced them with “John” for the individual and “Company corp.” for the company name.

Built on decades long tradition of excellence, our client has been designing, manufacturing, distributing, and marketing automobiles. With manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe and Asia, the company has a total workforce of about 10,000 people. Their products are distributed in over 100 countries by about 5,000 dealers and distributors.

The Challenge

In 2014, the company sought to explore a solution that could offer them fast information on new auto dealers sprouting in new markets as well as gain vital data about their competitor’s dealers expansion. At that time, our client was purchasing auto dealers data from a third party vendor, which used a manual process to collect data from the web.

The process was too slow and cumbersome, erroneous and inconsistent, and would take multiple months for the vendor to turnaround that led to old and stagnant dealers data entering our system.

To obtain fresh and fast data at a much higher frequency, John, the project manager for dealers network management, started to explore web scraping solutions.

As John started to scour the web to understand the process behind different web scraping vendors, he quickly realized that he needed more features for their project than what was being offered in the market. “From a crawling perspective, it looked like a lot of web scraping vendors offered a similar service to crawl a website, and it didn’t feel necessarily that any one particular vendor could do something that other ones couldn’t” said John. He furthermore states “the initial crawl of the data doesn’t seem to be a big differentiating factor among the vendors”.

For John and his team, it was not just about obtaining any new auto dealers data. They had to match certain criteria, such as — whether or not those dealers were already listed in their competitive websites, aggregate the necessary fields and finally, organize the data to effortlessly and seamlessly enter their system. In other words, John wanted a vendor who could automate every step of the process from the moment new dealers data is captured to the moment it enters their system (and everything in between).

The Solution

To solve their data acquisition problem and automate the entire workflow, John finally decided that his company should turn to a value-added web extraction solution. He considered few providers until determining that Grepsr was their most capable partner.

Why Grepsr? John says it best:

Fast Turnaround: “The one of the biggest compelling reasons that got me to choose Grepsr was that you reached to me super fast and offered a super quick turnaround time of 2 and half hours which really proved instantly that they were the one we should partner with.”

Easiest and Reliable: “Most of the other vendors we reached out were really frustrating to deal with as they asked me so many questions about our business which was a complete waste of my time prior to me understanding if they were or not a capable partner. However, Grepsr team understood our objective instantly, our data is more fresh, and the frequency of the updates has been easiest and reliable.”

Domain-Expertise: “I have really appreciated the time the team at Grepsr have spent with us in maintaining the logic behind universal ids that we assign across the competitive websites and I am not 100% sure if all the other vendors would have been able to do it at the same level that Grepsr is doing it.”

The Results

By automating the workflow from extract-to-load of new dealers data into their system, the company has been able to upgrade the process from a yearly event to a monthly event, increasing John and his team bandwidth to identify and reach out to potential new dealers faster than their competitors. The result? Expansion of their dealers network and more sales.

Grepsr ensures that our cost to acquire new dealers data remains intact while delivering the most up-to-date data, at a much higher frequency and minimizing additional workloads of IT department by maintaining the business rules and consistency of data.

Based on the on-going success of the project, the company internally refer to Grepsr as a truly “capable partner” to handle the on-demand nature of the project.





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