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ZoomInfo Scraper

ZoomInfo is a platform that specializes in providing publicly available data such as company profiles, contact information, and other professional details from the commercial search engine. Scrape ZoomInfo using our scraper to collect company revenue, address, website, phone number, stock symbol, and beyond for data-driven business decisions.

ZoomInfo Scraper Use Cases

Sales Prospecting

Identify potential customers and gather their contact information to enhance sales prospecting efforts.


Collect data concerning professionals such as their skills, current job position, and experiences for talent recruitment.

Monitor Competitor

Scrape competitor's pricing structures, product offerings, and promotions data that show their performance in the industry.

Market Trend

Monitor market trends by collecting customer review and rating data from review platforms to track changes in consumer preference/behavior.

ZoomInfo Sample Data

Sample Input


Sample Output

    "Search Keyword": "2P",
    "Zoominfo Link": "",
    "Company Name": "2p",
    "Phone Number": "+966 112150111",
    "Website": "",
    "Revenue": "<$5 Million",
    "Number of Employees": "<25 Employees",
    "Linkedin link": "",
    "Facebook link": "",
    "Twitter link": "",
    "Headquarter": "Olia St Aqaria 2 Bldg Olia Ofc 525, Riyadh, Ar Riyad, Saudi Arabia",
    "SIC Code": "60,602",
    "NAICS Code": "52,522",
    "Industry": "Business Services, Custom Software & IT Services, Banking",
    "Tech Stack": "Google Maps API (free), Google Maps API, F5 BIG-IP APM, jQuery",
    "Remarks": ""
    "Search Keyword": "3i solution",
    "Zoominfo Link": "",
    "Company Name": "3iSolution",
    "Phone Number": "+966 920001366",
    "Website": "",
    "Revenue": "<$5 Million",
    "Number of Employees": "<25 Employees",
    "Linkedin link": "",
    "Facebook link": "",
    "Twitter link": "",
    "Headquarter": "Saudi Arabia",
    "SIC Code": "87,871",
    "NAICS Code": "54,541",
    "Industry": "Architecture, Engineering & Design, Construction",
    "Tech Stack": "Facebook Workplace, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, PHP, GoDaddy Web Hosting",
    "Remarks": ""

Customized Scrapers tailored to your unique requirements

Zero Coding

Rely on the automated process, eliminating the coding on your part.

Platform integration

Seamless Integration

Automated data crawls and delivery integrations for a smooth and seamless integration experience.


Top Quality Assurance

Continuous monitoring of data quality by a robust QA infrastructure to ensure accuracy and reliability.


Easy Large Scale

Access vast amounts of data from multiple sources in an organized and readable structure; XLs, CSV, JSON.


Defying Constraints

Websites often use anti-bot measures, but we navigate through them to provide you with top-quality data.


Streamlined Collaboration

Our platform enhances teamwork for both on-site and remote teams, fostering seamless communication on progress and data initiatives.

Put an end to your web scraping woes

With more than 12 years of dedicated service to enterprises’ data sourcing needs, we have the proficiency to adeptly collect and deliver top-tier web data.

Empower your business with data-driven decisions. Whether you’re a startup or a large international enterprise, our services can assist you in:

  • Scaling your capacity to meet growing demands
  • Automating labor-intensive workflows
  • Optimizing your current data collection systems for improved ROI

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    Most inquired questions

    How does the ZoomInfo scraper work?

    Our skilled team writes the crawler codes that send HTTP requests to the target website. With years of expertise in web scraping, we ensure a seamless experience, delivering results that align perfectly with your requirements.

    How often is the scraped data updated?

    The frequency of our data updates depends on the user preferences. Real-time updates can be done in each passing month, day, hour, and even minute which varies on the subscription plans.

    Can you guarantee the accuracy and validity of the data?

    Our QA process automatically detects any dataset abnormality by using a rigorous probabilistic framework along with manual testing by the team. So, we make sure the data we deliver meets the best standards of quality and accuracy.

    What is the pricing model for your service?

    To learn more about the pricing details that suit your requests, visit the pricing page.