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Accelerate growth, whatever your line of business

Lead Generation with Data

Boost sales with targeted leads using web scraping. Extract high-quality data from Google Maps, Yelp, LinkedIn, and more.

Measure your share of visibility

Your brand appears for a certain time on a retailer's site (organic and sponsored). Share of visibility (search) is the percentage of

Tracking MAP violations

When a retailer advertises a product below the predefined price set by a manufacturer in the Minimum Advertised Price policy, it

E-commerce Customer Sentiment Analysis with Data

Putting the Customer Reviews Data through NLP technique produces actionable insights for trend analysis, and product improvements.

E-commerce Competitive Analysis with Data

Set your e-comm data flywheel in motion to learn of all your competitor's moves and take action accordingly.

Set Trends with Reviews and Q&A data

Get the proper measure of customer satisfaction by analyzing customer reviews. It'll go a long way in gaining critical feedback to build your operation on. With the appropriate...

Product auditing

A retail audit provides brands valuable insights into their overall in-store health by collecting supplier data such as planogram....

Optimizing product catalog

A well-optimized product catalog provides extensive information on the features of the merchandise, showcases its ranking, and inspires confidence in the buyer. It may prove to be monumental in earning loyal customers in the long term when done right. A data-enriched product catalog fully establishes the superiority of the product by considering the USPs of the competitors.

Identifying sales trends

E-commerce companies can improve profit margins effectively by capitalizing on the huge datasets that they regularly compile. It is estimated that only 0.5% of datasets are being leveraged to make decisions. Big data helps identify products that sell, yearly peak and trough periods, thus allowing e-commerce businesses to plan better campaigns and events to maximize sales.

Product catalog and change monitoring

A product catalog is a form of marketing collateral that lists necessary details to help customers make their purchase decisions.

Inventory management

Big data powers modern inventory control systems to give brands insights into not just their stock levels, but how to reduce returns

Discover investment and acquisition opportunities

Brands and aggregators alike can derive critical insights into the market with the help of the data we provide. Keeping tabs on the

Optimize your product listings

Just listing your products on Amazon is not enough. You have to be mindful of the category and subcategory your product may fall

Improve your rank on retailer sites

The rules of engagement are different from retailer to retailer. You can't replicate your rankings from Amazon on Bestbuy. They each have their own algorithms and to excel in all the websites, you need to analyze different data sets.

Trace unauthorized sellers & counterfeit products

Unauthorized sellers can burn a big hole in your wallet by selling your genuine products at a low price. If some of them get ideas

Analyzing and predicting market trends

Web scraping allows you to monitor your competitor's activities on a granular level. Doing this for a predefined time unravels key insights into the market trends. Grepsr's large-scale data acquisition platform empowers e-commerce players to collect massive datasets from the web to make way for effective analytics.

E-comm Price Monitoring with Data

The sale of your product is heavily dependent upon its price. Even more so when you are planning to retain your customers for a long time.

Forecast market trends

Identifying patterns and behaviors helps retailers make predictions regarding their products, demands and the factors