Increase sales revenue by monitoring your rival's pricing strategy

The sale of your product is heavily dependent upon its price. Even more so when you are planning to retain your customers for a long time. With so much competition around, you must have a system in place that monitors the prices in real-time. Grepsr offers a unique solution that allows you to form a future-proof strategy by proactively responding to changes in prices, promotions, and tactics.


Actionable data that offers brands wide-ranging benefits

Gain competitive advantage

Our price monitoring service automates the process of monitoring the prices of products that you sell(or similar ones) at a frequency most suitable to you (hourly, weekly, or monthly). It gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Devise an effective pricing strategy

With the product prices of all your competitors tabulated, you can use the information at your disposal to create a pricing strategy that’ll win you more customers.

Keep up with the price changes

Product prices in E-commerce websites are susceptible to severe fluctuations, often during a short period. Our end-to-end service keeps track of those changes no matter how frequently they occur.  

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Monitor prices in real time
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