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Alternative Data Sourcing Makes Difference to Global Investment Management Leader


More than a decade’s experience in data extraction has empowered Grepsr with the expertise and resources to source data from the most complex of data sources, traditional or otherwise. One of our clients, a world leader in investment, advisory and risk management solutions, has an AI platform that leverages financial data to extract invaluable insights, helping professionals make better investment decisions. Grepsr’s expertise in PDF scraping helps the client maintain a complete database with data from both online and offline sources.

Key points
  • Our client’s chief purpose is to help more and more people experience financial well-being by making investing easier and more affordable.
  • They have an in-house data acquisitions team for web sources, however struggle with offline and unconventional data sources.
  • Grepsr extracts tax information of all US states from PDF files every month.
  • The client now has a well-structured, complete and up-to-date repository of financial datasets from all kinds of data sources.


The client is a leading asset management company that requires large volumes of financial data to power their AI platform, providing data-driven insights to customers, identifying investment opportunities, and managing risk. While their in-house team can scrape traditional sources for web data, they lack the required expertise when it comes to collecting data from obscure, hard copy formats such as monthly financial reports.

PDF files pose a different set of challenges altogether, which makes them particularly difficult to scrape. For example, PDF files are not designed for easy parsing. Unlike web pages (which are essentially structured lines of HTML codes), PDFs are essentially images that contain text. This adds an extra layer of complexity for data scraping. Additionally, PDF files can have varying layouts, making it difficult to extract data consistently. A PDF file might have multiple columns, images, tables, or headers and footers, which makes extracting accurate data even more challenging.

Furthermore, some PDF files may have password protection or other security measures in place to prevent scraping. These security measures can make it even more challenging to scrape data from the PDF file. Finally, some PDF files can be very large, making it time-consuming to extract data from them, which can be especially challenging if the data you want to extract is located in a specific section of the PDF file.

Given these challenges, the client turned to Grepsr for help. As data extraction veterans, Grepsr’s expertise more than makes up for where the client lacks.

I’ve been really impressed with our partnership with Grepsr. They are able to extract data even the most intricate PDF files, saving us consoderatble amount of time and resources. The team is highly responsive and consistently provides exceptional customer service.

Director, Data Products

50 +

PDF files parsed per month

100 %

Data accuracy

60 %

Lead time improvement


Thanks to Grepsr’s unparalleled expertise in handling complex data sourcing use-cases, our client now has access to a wide range of data from both traditional and non-traditional sources.

Our team of experienced data extraction specialists downloads tax records in PDF format from all the US states’ controller’s websites every month. To collect all available information, we set up custom crawlers for each file, which is made even more challenging by the unstructured nature of the documents. Relevant data is often located across multiple pages and presented in different styles and formats.

After extracting the data, it goes through Grepsr’s rigorous quality assurance protocols, ensuring that every record is well-structuredcomplete, and accurate.

The extracted data seamlessly integrates with the client’s AI platform, providing valuable insights to help them and their clients make informed decisions for portfolio management.


Similar challenges faced across the industry:

Lack of technical know-how to automate routine data extractions

Businesses need fresh data to gather the best insights. To that end, one or two data extractions a day does not suffice. They need a system that can easily schedule crawl runs at specific intervals, as well as on demand.

Lack of resources - time, money and manpower - for data sourcing at scale

Data extraction is extremely tedious and highly error-prone. Most businesses lack the infrastructure to perform high volumes of data sourcing, and at a quality that yields the best results.

Overcoming data source restrictions

Most websites place limits on how many requests can be made in a set time period, and regularly block bots from accessing their content.


Getting started with Grepsr

Start with Grepsr in a few easy steps. Leave the data sourcing heavy lifting to us, so you can focus on innovation and growth.


Initial project consultation

First, we'll discuss the specifics of your web data needs and the KPIs you would like to have in order to ensure successful project execution.


Instrument web crawlers

We'll then set up automated extractions specific to your use-case, and send you a sample dataset before moving on to a full-scale crawl.


Begin data collection

Once you've approved the sample data, we will start scaling and performing the full run, and deliver the data in the agreed timeframe.


Hassle-free maintenance

Our team will ensure that all subsequent runs are running well, and that your data is delivered as scheduled with the least disruption.

Customer Stories

Shaping a prosperous future with data-driven decisions

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Alternative Data Sourcing Makes Difference to Global Investment Management Leader

Unleashing the potential of complex data sources for smarter investment decisions — with Grepsr’s unparalleled proficiency in offline data extraction