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Grepsr now supports DropBox (and FTP)

We have some news!

We are very happy to announce that Grepsr will now add content to your DropBox and FTP accounts!

Dropbox Logo

So, from now on whenever Grepsr extracts your data from the source, it will automatically upload the data in PDF, XLS and XML formats to your DropBox (and/or FTP) account.

The data will come to you directly to your computer; so that you always get the latest data without even having to check your Grepsr account!

All you need to do is attach your Dropbox to your Grepsr account as shown in the screenshot below and you are good to go!

Grepsr integrates with Dropbox

Dropbox after Grepsr uploads the extracted files

Follow the link to learn how you can deliver your data to Dropbox and FTP.


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