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RPA is a Replicator: An Organizational Tour De Force

Richard Dawkins' concept of the "replicator" in his book "The Selfish Gene" provides a fascinating lens through which we can[…]

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Introduction to Web Scraping & RPA

Web scraping automatically extracts structured data like prices, product details, or social media metrics from websites. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)[…]

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Car Rental Data Unwrapped: Merry Miles and the Christmas Story in the UK

Delve into the festive drive as we analyze 50K+ car rental records from 'Sixt - Rent a Car' during December[…]

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2023 in a Nutshell: A Retrospective

The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know. Albert Einstein The deeper we delve, the[…]

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NYC POI Data Dynamics: Decoding Impermanence

Geographical locations or POIs are not entities that last for posterity. We collected NYC POI data to decode the various[…]

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Revving Up for E-commerce Success in Q4: Leverage Web Scraping

Inflationary pressures, rising prices, and the looming possibility of an impending recession have dealt an unwarranted blow to e-commerce sales[…]


Drive Success with Car Rental Data Extraction

Harness the potential of car rental data extraction with Grepsr. Gain an edge over competitors, streamline fleet management, and analyze[…]


Choosing the Right External Data Provider

Five things to consider before onboarding an external data provider. So, you've made the decision to move away from manual[…]


Customer Sentiment Analysis and the Role of Web Scraping

Learn how you can leverage web scraping in your customer sentiment analysis project. Numerous studies reveal a stark truth: a[…]

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Extracting Data from Websites to Excel: Web Scraping to Excel

Web scraping and Excel go hand in hand. After extracting the data from the web, you can then organize this[…]