Written byPradeeponDecember 7, 2014

It’s not merely a coincidence that, today, almost all of the major business enterprises run online store locator services to their customers. They want their stores and services to be easily found and accessed. Moreover, they are extensively using location data to pursue their customers where they are and to persuade them to buy their products and services.

The where factor has begun driving much of today’s business deals and decisions, and it has facilitated online shoppings and deliveries, which cover a significant portion of today’s business transactions. The availability and access to location data has created a distinct area of expertise known as location analytics or location intelligence within business intelligence.

The implementation of location data optimization technologies in the business management systems has massively revolutionized the marketing policies and practices. Although the impacts location data and location-based business intelligence have been wide-ranging and enormous, here is a brief discussion 5 of their major impacts on marketing:


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