Written bySubratonOctober 5, 2011

Grepsr is what we like to call, “Managed Data Extraction Service”. Here are some of the reasons why we call it “managed”:

  1. We let you focus on your business and use the data — worrying about technical details of extraction is our job, and we will do it for you.
  2. We let you describe your requirements visually. Good bye to long boring descriptions of what you want extracted!
  3. We have communication “built in” so that you can communicate with us from within the system and keep track of each and every step.
  4. We believe that once we take ownership of a project, we must stick with it till the end – we will manage all your extraction projects (maintenance and small tweaks) so that you keep getting your data.
  5. We send the extracted data automatically to you (or your application) via XML feeds or notifications.
  6. We will manage all the other resources such as bandwidth, servers etc required for extraction.
  7. Finally, once a project is completed and working, we hand the control back to you so that you can schedule and run your extractions according to your needs.
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