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Competitive Intelligence Helps Real Estate Platform Hold Edge Over Rivals


One of our clients, the largest property listings platform in the UK, leverages Grepsr’s experience to monitor competitors, maintain an accurate and up-to-date database, and take a more data-driven approach towards their business and industry, at large.

Key points
  • The client is the largest property aggregator in the UK.
  • Timely real estate data is imperative for them to maintain an up-to-date database of property listings.
  • Grepsr provides data from a number of competitor websites, with every dataset put through rigorous QA tests.
  • The data has helped them always stay ahead of the competition and maintain a loyal customer base.


As the leading real estate portal in the UK, the client requires accurate and timely information about its property listings. Real estate listings are constantly changing, so failure in keeping their database up-to-date results in inaccurate or outdated information for their users. This leads to frustration, and more importantly, a lack of trust in the platform, potentially leading users to explore alternative options.

Another major challenge for the client is competition for data from other real estate platforms. With so many platforms available, it can be difficult to secure exclusive data sources, and some property listings may be duplicated across multiple platforms, leading to redundancy and confusion.

Since data sourcing is highly tedious, error-prone and not their core business, the client approached Grepsr to alleviate their data woes, so they could focus on more important matters.

Our data requirements are extremely time-sensitive, and Grepsr is always ahead of time with their deliveries. Any issue we encounter, if at all, and report is promptly addressed.

Harry C. Operations Manager

500 K+

Property listings parsed per month

99 %

Data accuracy

40 %

Costs saved


For the client, we extract data for properties, real estate agents and developers from their competitors’ websites. The client uses the data to maintain a centralized database of property listings, agents and developers, identify market gaps and opportunities, make more data-driven decisions, and much more.

With their crawlers set up to run hourly, and delivery integrated to their own filesystems, Grepsr ensures the client has a constant and seamless flow of the freshest datasets. The client is then able to leverage the most accurate and timely data to extract the most pertinent and meaningful insights.

The client is also able to access the Grepsr data management platform, where they are able to set up customized data validation and quality alert rules to make sure data standards are always met.


Similar challenges faced across the industry:

Lack of technical know-how to automate routine data extractions

Businesses need fresh data to gather the best insights. To that end, one or two data extractions a day does not suffice. They need a system that can easily schedule crawl runs at specific intervals, as well as on demand.

Lack of resources - time, money and manpower - for data sourcing at scale

Data extraction is extremely tedious and highly error-prone. Most businesses lack the infrastructure to perform high volumes of data sourcing, and at a quality that yields the best results.

Overcoming data source restrictions

Most websites place limits on how many requests can be made in a set time period, and regularly block bots from accessing their content.


Getting started with Grepsr

Start with Grepsr in a few easy steps. Leave the data sourcing heavy lifting to us, so you can focus on innovation and growth.


Initial project consultation

First, we'll discuss the specifics of your web data needs and the KPIs you would like to have in order to ensure successful project execution.


Instrument web crawlers

We'll then set up automated extractions specific to your use-case, and send you a sample dataset before moving on to a full-scale crawl.


Begin data collection

Once you've approved the sample data, we will start scaling and performing the full run, and deliver the data in the agreed timeframe.


Hassle-free maintenance

Our team will ensure that all subsequent runs are running well, and that your data is delivered as scheduled with the least disruption.

Customer Stories

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Competitive Intelligence Helps Real Estate Platform Hold Edge Over Rivals

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