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Tradeswell Uses Real-Time Product Data to Service Its Clients Better


Amazon is a treasure trove of information for retailers and customers alike. With proper data science and analytics, sellers seek insights into competitors’ inventories and customer behaviours to improve service and stay ahead in their domain. This is exactly the kind of service that Tradeswell offers.

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Key points
  • Tradeswell is an Amazon data analytics platform for real-time commerce.
  • They use real-time algorithms and AI-derived insights to empower companies to build optimal strategies for growth.
  • They needed to scale their data extraction to provide their growing clientele with regular and accurate insights.
  • Grepsr provided the freshest Amazon data across hundreds of product categories multiple times every day.


Any service that uses AI and real-time algorithms for its core offering requires seamless access to vast amounts of real-time data.

Tradeswell is no exception. Through their quantitative trading platform, their customers gather insights into sales, demand and various other economic facets for their companies to grow.

As such, Tradeswell required access to real-time product data for hundreds of categories and keywords on Amazon. While they were able to scrape a few categories in-house, they faced major scaling issues as the business grew. They needed a sustainable solution that could automate extractions multiple times a day, integrate well with their own filesystems, and, more importantly, understand their requirements and respond quickly.

“Grepsr’s response times were great! They were really easy to work with, and delivered accurate data with a clear understanding of exactly what we were asking for.”

Haley CEO

3 K+

Amazon keywords per day

8 M+

Product data extracted per month

97 %

Improvement in data quality


Grepsr’s experience with Amazon data extraction allowed Tradeswell to get product data for hundreds of keywords with ease. Our platform’s scheduling feature also enabled customized crawl run times, ensuring the availability of the latest datasets multiple times every day.

In addition, after each extraction was completed, the resulting dataset was seamlessly fed to their local storage, resulting in a smooth workflow.


Similar challenges faced across the industry:

Lack of technical know-how to automate routine data extractions

Businesses need fresh data to gather the best insights. To that end, one or two data extractions a day does not suffice. They need a system that can easily schedule crawl runs at specific intervals, as well as on demand.

Lack of resources - time, money and manpower - for data sourcing at scale

Data extraction is extremely tedious and highly error-prone. Most businesses lack the infrastructure to perform high volumes of data sourcing, and at a quality that yields the best results.

Overcoming data source restrictions

Most websites place limits on how many requests can be made in a set time period, and regularly block bots from accessing their content.


Getting started with Grepsr

Start with Grepsr in a few easy steps. Leave the data sourcing heavy lifting to us, so you can focus on innovation and growth.


Initial project consultation

First, we'll discuss the specifics of your web data needs and the KPIs you would like to have in order to ensure successful project execution.


Instrument web crawlers

We'll then set up automated extractions specific to your use-case, and send you a sample dataset before moving on to a full-scale crawl.


Begin data collection

Once you've approved the sample data, we will start scaling and performing the full run, and deliver the data in the agreed timeframe.


Hassle-free maintenance

Our team will ensure that all subsequent runs are running well, and that your data is delivered as scheduled with the least disruption.

Customer Stories

Shaping a prosperous future with data-driven decisions


Tradeswell Uses Real-Time Product Data to Service Its Clients Better

The e-commerce data analytics platform partnered with Grepsr to increase its data acquisition manyfold