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Ensure top-notch quality with our data management platform


High-quality web data at scale

The popular adage “Garbage In, Garbage Out” in computer science refers to the concept that erroneous data input produces erroneous output. Grepsr’s Data-as-a-Service offering is a fully managed data solution for high-quality web data at scale. Scaling quality equates to scaling our customers’ trust.

quality management

Keeping customers front and center

Right from the get go, our account managers liaise closely with our customer teams to ensure all the data requirements are thoroughly captured and handed over to our data team. Next, we apply an iterative three step approach to 1) instrument crawlers, 2) validate sample output, and 3) ramp up production. Keeping customers front and center allows us to vet results, add quality checks, and quickly pivot when business goals evolve.

Measure what matters

Over the years, we’ve developed a solid grasp of what factors influence quality. Our platform automatically measures quality metrics for each new dataset and compares them against expected values.

icon reliability

System reliability

Reliability and availability measures whether the system performs as intended. Operational dashboards to monitor system status

icon usecase

Extraction errors

Errors can occur when the source system does not respond successfully. Measure failure rates to detect anomalies.

Data completeness

Completeness measures data availability and density. Measure the latest result against historical averages.


Measures how accurately extracted data represents the source. Schema definition to validate output against acceptable formats.


Records processed per day


Data reliability


Dedicated specialist team size


Years' experience

Humans in the loop

Depending on customers’ needs and SLAs, we add a manual layer to your quality workflow, which includes:

  • Manual checks on randomized samples via an experienced QA team. Cadence and sampling requirements are set per customer specifications.
  • Custom reporting to keep an eye on specific metrics and ratios relevant to the use-case.

Large scale data management platform

Make data-driven decisions with confidence. Extract high-quality data at scale, and generate consequential insights.

Data Infrastructure


Designed for high volume web data

Advanced data infrastructure to handle millions of pages every hour. Round-the-clock IP rotation and auto throttling to avoid detection, and prevent harm.

Data Infrastructure Home

Quality at Scale


Designed to deliver data for immediate deployment

A veritable mixture of people, processes, and technology to ensure high quality in any given dataset. Robust QA checks and balances to detect data issues.

Quality Management Home

Team Collaboration


Designed to ensure seamless flow of information

A dedicated private channel to keep you and your team in the loop. Prompt communication of change requests and updates to instrument crawlers when needed.

Team Collaboration Home

Integration & Automation


Designed to automate data acquisition

An intelligent platform to set up custom schedules and automate routine extractions to run like clockwork. Flawless integration with popular platforms.

Data Integration Home

Shaping a prosperous future with data-driven decisions

Market Research

Grepsr Partners With an AI Analytics Platform to Equip Premier Global Brands with Powerful Insights

Empowering a leading AI analytics platform with high-priority data at scale to serve its global clientele with actionable insights

Broadcast Media | Consumer Electronics

Customer Sentiment Analysis to Build Better Products and Establish New Revenue Channels

Grepsr’s data solutions empower a video streaming leader to expand into manufacturing, and disrupt the market

Automotive | Tourism

Car Rental Behemoth Leverages Competitor Data to Stay Ahead in the Industry

South America’s leading auto hire service leverages data acquired by Grepsr to monitor competitors, and boost its standing among customers

Real Estate

Competitive Intelligence Helps Real Estate Platform Hold Edge Over Rivals

Data-driven insights help the UK’s leading property platform make sense of the market, outperform competitors, and delight customers

Financial Services

Alternative Data Sourcing Makes Difference to Global Investment Management Leader

Unleashing the potential of complex data sources for smarter investment decisions — with Grepsr’s unparalleled proficiency in offline data extraction

IT Services and IT Consulting

Making Automobile Spare Parts Data Transparent & Easily Accessible

One of our clients, an automotive industry heavyweight, uses Grepsr to source copious spare parts data, and maintain an up-to-date database

Internet | Media | Publishing | Wholesale

Helping Books Find Their Way to the Right Hands, One Dataset at a Time!

A leading textbook sourcing platform partnered with Grepsr to extract data from various websites, make informed decisions, and save costs

Education | Publication

Pearson VUE Runs Better Analysis with Grepsr’s Content Extraction Service

How our datasets enable Pearson VUE to make data-driven decisions on relevant test programs and centers, and identify regions with highest demand

Real Estate

Real Estate Data Intelligence Company Uses Grepsr’s Web Scraping Services to Stay Ahead of the Curve

We help our clients overcome expensive roadblocks to increase efficiency and deliver consistent results