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Purpose-built data infrastructure for high-volume web data extraction


Mission to simplify access to web data

We are on a mission to simplify access to quality web data, at scale. We believe our customers should focus on growing their businesses rather than deal with the complexities of web data collection. There are myriads of technical and process related challenges that come along, and being in the business over a decade, we have seen and solved all those.



Records processed per day


Web sources parsed per day


Data reliability

Data collection infrastructure & capabilities

Here's a sneak peek into the capabilities of our time-tested infrastructure that handles issues behind the scenes:


Smart traffic routing

We use a variety of tried and tested models and processes to make sure our data collection efforts are routed to different geo IPs so you can gain access to reliable web data.

Geo-specific extractions

In addition to the driven, innovative, and creative engineers, our talent pool has also accumulated specialized skill sets on extracting web data from the farthest reaches of the internet.


Traffic throttling use-cases

For the last decade, we’ve accumulated the process, tech infrastructure & many use-cases that have rendered some of the most difficult web scraping jobs a walk in the park.


Anomaly detection

Data quality is key. To ensure your data's integrity, we have a strong QA infrastructure in place that detects anomalies at the earliest, which pop up as notifications.

Low code

Our robust framework and unparalleled experience allow our engineers and analysts to set up your data extraction project with a low volume of code that yields quicker turnaround times.

Humans in the loop

We understand that no AI is perfect yet. Our data collection infrastructure has humans in the loop to complete any complicated extraction such as captchas, manual interventions, and QA.


Large scale data management platform

Make data-driven decisions with confidence. Extract high-quality data at scale, and generate consequential insights.

Data Infrastructure


Designed for high volume web data

Advanced data infrastructure to handle millions of pages every hour. Round-the-clock IP rotation and auto throttling to avoid detection, and prevent harm.

Data Infrastructure Home

Quality at Scale


Designed to deliver data for immediate deployment

A veritable mixture of people, processes, and technology to ensure high quality in any given dataset. Robust QA checks and balances to detect data issues.

Quality Management Home

Team Collaboration


Designed to ensure seamless flow of information

A dedicated private channel to keep you and your team in the loop. Prompt communication of change requests and updates to instrument crawlers when needed.

Team Collaboration Home

Integration & Automation


Designed to automate data acquisition

An intelligent platform to set up custom schedules and automate routine extractions to run like clockwork. Flawless integration with popular platforms.

Data Integration Home

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