Official launch of Grepsr (beta)

We are immensely proud to be launching Grepsr today. Grepsr is probably one of the first Web 2.0 Software as a Service (SaaS) product for website data extraction.

So what does this mean for the customers?

  1. Cheaper costs – you pay a flat monthly fee no matter how big or small your extraction needs are.
  2. Fully automated service – from preparing your requirements – to communication – to the actual extraction, everything will be fully automated; everything is built into the system.
  3. Better reliability – we will make sure your extraction works smoothly even after your project has completed (i.e. if the source website changes etc).
  4. Better customer support – we have a customer support system built in –  when in doubt, just open up a support ticket from within the system.
  5. Better integration with your system – we deliver the extracted data to you in various such as email notifications, URL callback, feeds etc.

Grepsr is currently on Trial and all our services are free for a limited amount of time. We welcome you to try our service and our system and give us valuable feedback!

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