Case Study

Real Estate Data Intelligence Company Uses Grepsr’s Web Scraping Services to Stay Ahead of the Curve

Real Estate Data Intelligence Case Study

Disclaimer: There are only a handful of trusted Real Estate Data Intelligence providers in the United States who can use our technology. We have one of them as our client, and we’re pleased to share their success story using Grepsr. A key interest for them was to stay anonymous and not to draw any attention to them in this announcement, which we are very keen to honor. Hence we’ve redacted all names and replaced them with “Bob” for the individual and “Company Corp.” for the company name.


A real estate intelligence agency cannot afford to have gaps in either of its residential or commercial property data.

After dabbling in and growing out of in-house web crawling methods that were not yielding on-demand data that their customers wanted to buy, our client decided to look for solutions. Extracting data from various sources and storing information manually was a tedious and expensive task prone to errors.


Bob, the product manager, required a reliable web scraping solution which could automate the web crawling process across various sources of data and generate actionable datasets faster than anyone else on the market. Grepsr’s quick turnaround soon emerged to be the cornerstone of their technology solution and helped them maintain a measurable competitive advantage in the market.


The client’s earlier in-house solution required overheads. The development team, which was tasked with the responsibility of web scraping sophisticated datasets that would enable the end customer to make a purchase decision, was delivering scattered, inconclusive results. The entire process needed an overhaul.

Enter Grepsr!

Increased speed and processing efficiencies

We introduced our clients to a heady cocktail of efficiency and speed. Our web-crawling efforts yielded reliable data sets that were in tandem with real-world events in the real estate field. Our clients were able to double down on their capacities and focus on increasing the top line by closing nationwide clients who needed varied datasets from time to time.

More datasets = more business.

Grepsr helped them hit a home run and deliver landmark billings year on year.

How did we fare?

With Grepsr, our clients were able to reduce inefficient overheads and time-consuming methods that were proving to be expensive roadblocks in their growth path. Our web scraper came in handy and helped the organisation achieve the scale of operations that it so desired. Not to mention the goodwill earned in the market for delivering consistent results; they were equipped to take on bigger competitors!

About Grepsr

Grepsr is a data acquisition platform specializing in the extraction of web data from almost all industry sectorsat scaleGet in touch with your requirements, and we’re sure we can work out a solution for you.


With more than 10 billion data points on U.S. commercial and residential properties, our client is the nation’s trusted resource for real estate intelligence, including indices that track trends like construction and remodels. Their products serve the entire real estate ecosystem — helping them to answer essential questions about property improvements, structural risks, and changes over time.


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