Grepsr and FTP – permissions and settings

When you set your FTP inside Grepsr so that the system can automatically upload extracted data, please make sure of the following.

  1. Create a new FTP account for Grepsr – highly encourage you to NOT use the same FTP account that you use for your website etc.
  2. Preferably, make sure Grepsr can write to the root “/” folder of your FTP (not the same as “/” root of your file system).
  3. Or, create a folder called “/GrepsrData” at the root and make sure that is writable. Please note the folder name is case sensitive and does not contain space, i.e. “/grepsrdata”, “/Grepsrdata” or “/Grepsr Data” will NOT work.

If you take these considerations, Grepsr should easily upload your data to your FTP without issues.

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