A collection of stories, case studies, and product announcements from Grepsr.

Web Crawling: Why is Service a Better Option than Software?

Data Discovery Holds the Future An overwhelming proportion of data that businesses use

Grepsr: A Brief Story

Launched in 2012, Grepsr is a data management start-up based in Nepal and

Location Analytics: ‘Where’ is the Knowledge of Data

Digital Technology and the Rediscovery of Geography A substantial amount of data that

Data Mining: How Can Businesses Capitalize on Big Data?

In the recent years, data mining has become a prickly issue. The big controversies and

Turning Data into an Asset

Have you ever been overwhelmed or even inundated by a sheer amount of

Welcoming New Year 2014 with Renewed Energy

2013 in the Retrospect 2013 was a very productive year for Grepsr. Measuring

Staying ahead with Automated Price Comparison

The spur of e-commerce and online shopping around the world has brought a

Web Scraping vs API

Every system you come across today has an API already developed for their

Importance of web crawling in the age of Big Data

Big Data has become an Internet buzz lately. Not a day goes by

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