A collection of stories, case studies, and product announcements from Grepsr.

Big Data is Redefining News

If digital data were something physical, it would have massively altered the shape

Web Crawling: Why is Service a Better Option than Software?

Data Discovery Holds the Future An overwhelming proportion of data that businesses use

Grepsr: A Brief Story

Launched in 2012, Grepsr is a data management start-up based in Nepal and

Location Analytics: ‘Where’ is the Knowledge of Data

Digital Technology and the Rediscovery of Geography A substantial amount of data that

Data Mining: How Can Businesses Capitalize on Big Data?

In the recent years, data mining has become a prickly issue. The big controversies and

Turning Data into an Asset

Have you ever been overwhelmed or even inundated by a sheer amount of

Welcoming New Year 2014 with Renewed Energy

2013 in the Retrospect 2013 was a very productive year for Grepsr. Measuring

Staying ahead with Automated Price Comparison

The spur of e-commerce and online shopping around the world has brought a

Web Scraping vs API

Every system you come across today has an API already developed for their

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