Web Scraping as a Service

Grepsr is a professionally managed platform to offload your routine data scraping work. We configure, manage and monitor your crawlers so you can have better sleep.

1. Create your project

2. We review & setup

3. You get data

"I have researched scraping solutions such as Mozenda and Connotate. The most cost-effective, accurate and rapid solution has clearly been Grepsr." Bob Teree, VP of Product Management

We've made it surprisingly simple to get started.

Create projects for web scraping in plain English by simply describing your project requirements and data sources. You don't need to learn or configure any tool to get work done.

Just insights. For everyone on your team.

Built-in communication for effective project management.

Because web scraping projects are often complicated with various layers of details and requirements – so we built a communication doorway, called 'Messages' for each of your projects.

Messages are to issue tickets, discuss requirements, and track project status – all from a single place.

Automate daily, weekly and monthly workflows.

Queue up your crawling calendar ahead of time and schedule recurring scraping work to go live like clockwork.

Grepsr remembers to look for new and fresh data at the right time so you don't have to.

Get consistent data auto-delivered across your systems.

Send data to a variety of data destinations for analysis to building powerful apps using our robust and secure data connectors.

You'll get your team aligned by ensuring you have consistent data, without duplicates, across your systems.

We're here to help you every step of the way.

Enjoy direct access to Grepsr experts and get priority, on-demand support for specific projects with guaranteed SLAs.

From setup to day-to-day maintenance of your data sources and filters – all taken care off on your behalf! We lose sleep so you don't have to.

"What used to take us weeks to accomplish in-house, now takes only a few hours. They have delivered way more than what we could have imagined and are great to work with."

Joshua Tucker

Engineer, SharedVue

Your in-house solution can't scale, Scraping software makes you do too much. Stay sane with web scraping as a service.

Try Grepsr

A complete, self-consuming JSON API for all your data

Power any feature in your app with rich data streams or streamline your current human processes, and have full control over what data to get, set and display.

Trusted by companies large and small all across the globe

Grepsr Makes Your Life Easier

More than 1200 companies and counting use Grepsr to simplify their data extraction workflows.

"Grepsr ensures that our cost to acquire new dealers data remains intact while delivering the most up-to-date data, at a much higher frequency."

Jeff Macdonald, Global Dealer Development Manager, BRP

"Grepsr feels more comfortable, less overwhelming, and faster. The best part is their excellent account management."

David Szostek, Partner, Edward Allen Law Firm

"All I had to do was to tell them, what I needed by adding notes to pictures and off they go. It's as easy as that! I now have my very own personal data extractor at my fingertips. No more mysterious Xpaths and confusing regular expressions to deal with."

Paul Mumford, Director, Arts & Design

"Accuracy and rapid turn-around is critical in web data extraction -- what used to take us weeks to accomplish in-house, now takes only a few hours. Thanks to Grepsr's game-changing expertise, and they are such a pleasure to work with."

Joshua Tucker, Engineer, SharedVue

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