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Delegate your routine web scraping and data integration to diligent software engineers who oversee the detailed deliverables of your project.

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Web Scraping Service
Save time and money – enterprise ready solutions

Move over tedious software downloads and installations. Create a brief outline of your project requirements with Grepsr Concierge, define your parameters and sources, and get started immediately! We’ve made data scraping as easy as it should be.

Web Scraping Service
Intuitive communication for effective project management

No more complicated troubleshooting methods. We’ve simplified communication with a Slack-like Support sidebar where you can raise tickets, discuss issues with us – all in real time.

Web Scraping Service
Automate your workflow

Queue up your crawling calendar ahead of time and schedule recurring scraping work to go live like clockwork.

Grepsr remembers to look for new and fresh data at the right time so you don't have to.

Web Scraping Service
Built-in quality control

Our team of accomplished data scientists use artificial intelligence and machine learning to conduct regular manual and automated checks to rectify quality lapses.

Web Scraping Service
Data at your fingertips

Grepsr integrates seamlessly with the data storage or document management tools that you're already using – Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Box, FTP & much more.

Web Scraping Service
We're here to help you every step of the way

Enjoy direct access to Grepsr experts and get priority, on-demand support for specific projects with guaranteed SLAs.

From setup to day-to-day maintenance of your data sources and filters – all taken care off on your behalf! We lose sleep so you don't have to.

"I have researched scraping solutions such as Mozenda and Connotate. The most cost-effective, accurate and rapid solution has clearly been Grepsr."
Web Scraping Service

Join 32K+ customers who use Grepsr to collect and organize data better, starting at $129

We build it for you

How does Grepsr Concierge work?

Whether you’re looking for competitive data to enter a new market or changes in consumer behaviour patterns, we can help spruce up your existing systems for data extraction. Sign up, create a project and we will configure your requirements into a data extractor in less than 24 hours.

A complete, self-consuming JSON API for all your data

Power any feature in your app with rich data streams or streamline your current human processes, and have full control over what data to get, set and display.

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