Written byAsmit JoshionMarch 6, 2018

Our stats since the start of 2018

Since its launch in 2017, Grepsr for Chrome has become the go-to web scraping tool with a user base of over twenty thousand worldwide.

A quick look at our statistics suggests how far we’ve come since our early days.

Our YTD numbers

The interactive chart below shows our numbers since the start of the year up to 5 March. You can view each day’s data as you hover within the chart area.

To scale down and analyze the numbers, let’s take a look at a breakdown of one of our key stats (collected records) for the month of February. Our crawler collected 71,025,123 records last month, which translates to:

  • 2,536,612 records collected per day
  • 105,692 per hour
  • 1,762 per minute
  • ~30 per second

With surging demand for data, we’re committed to providing you the best service to help your business grow and achieve your ambitions.

Let’s continue this good thing we’ve got going!

Data to make or break your business
Get high-priority web data for your business, when you want it.

In the time you’ve been reading this post, our crawler has already made almost 3.5k requests fetching ~4k records.

P.S.: Our most productive day (after New Year’s Day), with ~7 million records collected, was dated 14 February. Thank you for showing us the love!

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