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We’ve redesigned our website to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for

On our mission to build Grepsr into a next generation data collection and processing platform, we have always believed that we could to do more in terms of empowering our users to do more with the quality data that we provide.

With that as our motivation, we set out to carry out a complete overhaul of our brand, platform and user experience at the start of the year. After months of research, collaboration with design firm Lollypop and rigorous beta testing, everyone at Grepsr is extremely excited to announce that our newly redesigned website is now live! We’re still located at grepsr.com.

In addition to aesthetically enhancing the website with a vibrant color theme, our primary motivation behind the redesign was to bring our visitors’ focus to the solutions and services we provide — our products within the Grepsr suite and their features. We also wanted to make communicating with us and providing feedback much easier.

What’s new

Here are a few of the changes that you can easily notice and expect in the new design.

Monochrome logo

data extraction
Grepsr logos — old and new

We’ve decided to move on from the old two-tone logos to a neater monochrome version for both the blue and white logos.

Vibrant colors & illustrations

The old website and app predominantly used a light blueish (#4EC0DB) color theme, which, over time, we felt needed a bit of rejuvenating. After much research and collaboration with Lollypop, we’ve gone for a more vibrant and youthful theme, with purple (#2A1E5C), pink (#EC4269) and blue (#009AE0) as the predominant colors.

We’ve also added illustrations to each of the pages to make each page visually appealing and informative.

data extraction
Illustrations on the new website

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Mobile & tablet-responsiveness

As an increasing number of our prospective and current clients discover and read about Grepsr on mobile devices, we’ve made it a priority to ensure the best usability on these platforms. As such all website features, images, videos and other elements have been optimized to load, display and run smoothly without any issues compromising user experience.

Dedicated product pages

For each of our products in the Grepsr suite — Grepsr Concierge, Grepsr Browser Extensions & Grepsr Realtime (coming soon) — we have individual product pages with much more detailed insights and short how-to videos.

data extraction
Grepsr Concierge

Unified pricing page

As each product has its own set of pricing options, we’ve also made it easier for visitors to find all plans and pricing options from a single location, and pick the one that suits them best.

data extraction

Help center

With powerful new features being added to the new app on top of the already available useful ones, we’re currently setting up a help center with helpful resources and documentations for each of Grepsr’s features.

We’ll be launching this section in the next few weeks, so make sure to check back here soon.

More ways to contact us

In addition to the contact forms on the footer and Contact Us page, we now have a dedicated phone number as well, so users can simply call us to make projects or support requests, send feedback, or just make general inquiries. Our number is +1-856-347-3777.

Flexible pricing models that suit your enterprise needs

New App Now in Beta

As stated on our yearly review post in January, we’re also working on re-engineering the Grepsr app platform.

While the beta version is already out and available at appnext.grepsr.com, we’re still working on adding a few new features, and hope to have the full version ready in a few weeks time.

Users can also access the beta version via the current app itself, where there’s an option to “Try the new platform (beta)” on the navigation bar.

data extraction

The new version will completely replace the old app platform in due course.

We’ll also be adding new posts and resources covering all the features of the new Grepsr suite here soon.

New-look Browser Extension

Like the website and app, our browser extension, Grepsr for Chrome, is also getting a makeover. While the core functionality and usability remains the same, we’ve refreshed the look and feel of the user interface.

Here are a few snapshots of the browser extension in action.

We’re sure the new design is not 100% foolproof. If you find any issues with the new website (or the beta app), or would simply like to give us some feedback, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re always open to suggestions. You can leave a comment below, visit our contact page, or send us an email at contact@grepsr.com.

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